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iPhone : Azerbaijan FA spokesperson: "There is no reason whatsoever to put in question the seriousness of these guarantees provided by Azerbaijan. Over the past decade a large number of Armenian athletes have taken part in various international events in Azerbaijan without any issues"

iPhone : Interesting if spurs played abs open games before a full safety certificate? Who took back handers to get it opened 🤔

iPhone : Here we go buying a fairly unknown French player and twitter afc meltdown thank Fuck the club don’t listen ! Or there would have been no veira , kos , Sagna , pires or petit to name a few

iPhone : Yes it leaves a bad taste but never going away I’m just glad I saw the back in the day game , all I can do now is support my team and as usual Fuck the rest

iPhone : Lot of people moaning about Citeh buying trophies !! If a billionaire billionaire bought the Arsenal and did the same 🤔 wonder if they would be celery like Citeh fans today , sadly money talks Bullshit walks these days , every league every sport these days are won by Money clubs

iPhone : at 2 clock we have the Transfer meltdown then the Arsenal only have 2 p to Spend this summer followeref by more Baku anger

iPhone : See the Ozil OCD in full swing mention Santi -OZIL comes up brexit -OZIL ! Mention breakfast egg bacon OZIL ! 💤💤💤💤💤. 😂😂😂😂😂 think people need to look at themselves

iPhone : Wonder if those other EPL teams are moaning or wish they had one or two games left this season 🤔 or how many fans who would love to be trying to get flights and money to Baku and love to have the probs some Chelsea and Arsenal fans are moaning about , might not be in another

iPhone : Chris What has the world come to where people abuse slaughter avd criticism the second after a game a team lose , some people have found out that family , Heath or being happy is a priority

iPhone : Chris Hope your ok mate think it’s a joke mate fans from the same club slaughtering and abusing people for a opinion And liking certain players and titling fans in brackets as fan boys , so on ea h to there own as long people are happy , look at the abuse that special needs girl got

iPhone : Daniel aka baldy If it was in Italy half of them wouldn’t go for them baku is a great excuse to Moan be negative and not go we will enloy it and there will be many they who want to be there and will pay wherever to have a life time experience

iPhone : Daniel aka baldy Bang on mate half can’t be bothered to go all away games or even small % away then bang on there there Arsenal through and through even on here while Arsenal are playing lol and slaughtering players , and obsess with how much players earn & a bitter jealous world mate

iPhone : Again jumping on a “bandwagon” if Love Island is such an issue for you, why haven’t you all been boycotting it before? It took Jeremy Kyle being taken off air for others to realise ALL these shows are just a massive bag of shite

iPhone : Nothing has changed in just over a week on here! Fans having meltdowns over our supposed transfer budget 🤦🏻‍♂️ don’t read everything you hear and even if it is true we have players to sell and get off the wage bill. Relax and look forward to the 29th May 😉