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SocialFlow : “i be letting y'all talk because i don’t give a fuck, but a bitch can fucking write” —cardi b

SocialFlow : it seems like kodak had some things to get off his chest about 6ix9ine on his new track “take one” 👀

SocialFlow : “i sent it to kendrick [lamar] first. facts”

SocialFlow : know them boys wanna see me broke down and shit, bummed out and shit, stressed out and shit

Media Studio : “hold on to your publishing and make sure if you want to write that you take that opportunity to express yourself and write your songs”

@mariahcarey was dropping several gems during our latest #GeniusLevel ✨🙏

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SocialFlow : doesn't sound like push is gonna slow down with the coke raps anytime soon ❄️

SocialFlow : “also, DRACULA from the first of tape 2008, and LIGHTS ON from the new grinch project 2018 seems like sisters almost” —tyler, the creator

SocialFlow : this new version of the ‘the greatest showman’ soundtrack features some of music’s biggest stars singing their own renditions of the film’s original songs

Media Studio : [email protected] confirmed that the “vanishing” demo that made its way onto the internet a few years ago is real 😭😭 #GeniusLevel #Lambily

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Media Studio : “it sounds like a love song about letting something go, someone go, but its actually about turning on the playstation” —BoY pAbLo on “sick feeling” 😭🎮 #verified

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SocialFlow : the answer to what poppy is and represents is not fully concrete, but clues seem to be coming to surface as her story unfolds and career continues

SocialFlow : 🚨 #LAMBILY PSA 🚨

in honor of Mariah Carey’s 15TH STUDIO ALBUM #Caution, we took a trip down memory lane to celebrate one of our generation’s greatest songwriters 👏👏 #GeniusLevel #JusticeForGlitter

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SocialFlow : city girls dropped a new version of “twerk” with iamcardib on it 👀

SocialFlow : mumford & sons estimated that around 100 people passed through their recording sessions at paul epworth’s the church studios in london

SocialFlow : from the city where the skinny carry strong heat, norfside, long beach, NORFSIDE, LONG BEACH

SocialFlow : blueface is everywhere these days

SocialFlow : scott storch said he was “honored” to be the first outside producer russ ever worked with