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Twitter Web Client : Excellent. Now it's time for conservation NGOs to do the same thing.
Yes, conservation NGOs really are still taking money from oil companies.
Just stop already.…

Twitter Web Client : Imogen I think the key question is what the aim is. Small tweaks to the existing disaster, or a just transition for nature and people towards much richer ecosystems, such as the rainforest that once covered most of the Lake District, and could do so again?

Twitter Web Client : Green Party proposes ban on adverts for flights and polluting cars, replicating bans on cigarette and junk food adverts.

Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said:
“The climate emergency will cause 250,000 additional deaths a year from 2030.”…

Twitter Web Client : And because the big groups punch so far below their massive weight, there’s no pressure on politicians to do better. The conservation NGOs must either lead the necessary shift, or they will be swept aside by people’s movements.

Twitter Web Client : Neither government nor the opposition currently give our wildlife and ecosystems the attention they deserve. They are seen as second- or third-tier issues. But they should be treated as a national priority.

Twitter Web Client : Yes, government should listen to farmers, but it should also listen to everyone else. The same regulatory standards should be applied to farming as to any other industry. But they aren’t. Regulation is far weaker than it should be. Monitoring and enforcement are a joke.

Twitter Web Client : 3. The comprehensive capture of government by the farming lobby. The environment department, DEFRA, has come to stand for Doing Everything Farmers’ Representatives Ask. It improved under Michael Gove, but is sliding back to its default position under Theresa Villiers.

Twitter Web Client : I *think* the broadcasters are now waking up to these failures, and realising that one of the reasons they have lost so many young viewers is that they haven't been telling the truth about the world. I really hope this apparent shift is real.

Twitter Web Client : If you challenged them, they would say “people don’t want to watch it.” They produced no evidence, except that a previous programme had flopped (probably because it was rubbish). Imagine saying “that politics film bombed, so we’ll stop covering politics”!