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Buffer : Help me wish the wonderful Bill Murray a very happy birthday. What is your favorite Bill Murray film, friends?

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Twitter Media Studio : Well well well, there is so much history we dont hear about.

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iPhone : You know, the argument has been, “Why impeach Trump if the Senate won’t vote to remove him from office?”

But the Dems in the House have passed huge numbers of bills that they KNOW the Senate won’t act on. Still, they do their job. So that argument doesn’t really hold up for me.

iPhone : -And he owned nonwhite people
-And had them beaten
-And went to war against America to preserve the practice of owning nonwhite people
-And he ordered surrendering black soldiers to be shot
-But I get that you liked the car from Dukes of Hazzard.…

Twitter Media Studio : Are you excited that Mallomar season is upon us? Whats your favorite cookie?

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iPhone : It is strange to consider what this country offers for free versus what it doesn’t. We decided every kid should get an education K-12 because an educated citizenry is a strong one. But healthcare? Have to pay out the nose for that! Because a healthy citizenry...isn’t important?

iPhone : There ought to be an Alternative Minimum Tax on U.S. corporations. That way, if your attorneys and accountants got so good at shielding your corporation from normal taxes, it would still owe some baseline amount, calculated on its gross worldwide revenues. Candidates, thoughts?

Twitter Media Studio : What do you think about this, friends? Do you drink diet soda?

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iPhone : Eighteen Black trans women have been killed so far this year. It’s time for a president of the United States of America to #SayTheirNames. #LGBTQForum

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