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iPhone : I’m only posting this because I think it’s important to see what people who do creative work go through every day. Please just pay them fair wages lol

iPhone : how u act when ur crush tells a joke

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iPhone : customer at work today: hi can i get another 7 chicken wings pls oh and btw there’s a used condom on the floor next to our table can u clean it up


iPhone : this energy >

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iPhone : cat haters can fuck off & that’s that on that🤧🥺…

iPhone : me trying to sleep during this #thunderstorm

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iPhone : Dear fellow designers and architects. It's time to find an alternative to cement. "If the cement industry were a country, it would trail only the United States and China in emissions of the greenhouse gas."…

iPhone : deliveroo drivers come to pick up orders from work & every time without fail i hand it to them saying “enjoy”

iPhone : I can’t afford a trip to Hawaii so I created one 🌺

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