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iPhone : nobody:

me on a rollercoaster:

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iPhone : Don’t text and walk.

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iPhone : When my children bring me their shit drawing of stick men with the sun in the top left corner.

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iPhone : There
I fixed it
Kind of

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iPhone : @ fragrance companies- hit up RYAN⚰️ for voiceover work🤩

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iPhone : everyone give it up for the man, the myth, the legend, also known as mister ramin djawadi. the show would be nothing without his iconic music #GameOfThronesFinale

iPhone : this is how I act with 8 exams, bills to pay, 32 unopened whatsapp messages, laundry to do, a best selling novel to write and a partridge in a pear tree…

iPhone : This is quality content

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iPhone : Heres how they turned Goose into a Flerken and made Nick Fury look 25 years younger.

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iPhone : grumpy cat has died & now my day is ruined😣 #RIPgrumpycat

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iPhone : Imagine being an influential billionaire with a platform and the cash to invoke change, bring about innovation and help to save the planet. And you bring out face wipes.

That are a tenner.…

iPhone : [concert]
SINGER: how’s everyone doing tonight?!


me in the back using my inside voice: it’s actually been a rough couple of months

iPhone : flying in general is by fAr the most impactful mode of transport, let alone flying in your own personalised plane just for the sake of it cos you don’t know what else to spend ur millions on

iPhone : celebrities who take or own private jets need to stopppppp the planet is fuckin dying & you’re buying a $200 mil + custom made co2 dispenser kl stuff 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼…