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iPhone : BORIS ON ABOLISHING THE BBC LICENCE FEE! “How long can you consider taxing people for owning a TV!“ BBC IN PANIC ✅

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iPhone : Boris hinted this afternoon at a policy we have agreed with for many years - scrapping the BBC licence fee!

The mainstream media has had its day. The sooner left-wing activists like Gary Lineker are no longer paid out of the public purse, the better! 👍

iPhone : BREAKING: Boris Johnson questions the future of the BBC licence fee.

“You have to question whether that way of funding media still makes sense... how long can you justify a system where everyone who has a TV has to pay?” #GE2019

iPhone : 📺 | Shes been rather quiet during this election campaign, but come Friday Diane Abbott could be responsible for the security of our country.

Watch this and tell us you arent terrified by that prospect! ⬇️

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iPhone : #laurapidcock cared little for us locals as she swanned off to London betraying us by doing all she could to stop #Brexit (#nwdurham 55% #leave). Now she swans around our areas with her halfwits begging for votes. NO THANKS! Never again, you cannot be trusted. #BritainDecides

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iPhone : When some compare criticism of the burqa as comparable to antisemitism in Labour do they realise that no little girl dreams of one day growing up to walk around in a burqa. Many don’t like it, others have been brainwashed. Our criticism comes from a place of respect for women.

iPhone : Corbyn & Co. have given support and succour to every violent terrorist organisation imaginable -

💥 Hamas
💣 Hezbollah
🚀 Soviet Union
💨 Cuba
🍽 Venezuela

If you want people like that running your country, vote for #Labour.

#GE2019 #Brexit🇬🇧

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