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Twitter Web App : When money for community sports is used to play politics, you know we need a federal ICAC


Twitter Web App : Something to smile about: Andrew Frost shared this video on Facebook of a Koala that comes down to his neighbours place for a drink when it gets too hot. Their pet dog, Riley, is a mate of the resident marsupial. ❤️🙏🏽

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TweetDeck : News Corp clarifies its climate change stance.

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iPhone : Just had a very nice meeting with former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Talked job guarantee, inequality, trade, and much more. No further events in Australia. Flying home tomorrow.

iPhone : Across the country family businesses have been shuttered, farmers have been decimated, and everyday people are facing rising grocery bills, insurance bills and energy bills.

How good’s conservative economic management?

Twitter Web App : Resilience during hardship is important – but the Government calling for resilience during a hardship that it has caused and is refusing to fix is cruelty.

Twitter Web App : One of the key roles of the Government is to guide the market, and now's as good a time as any to stimulate a flow in the economy and ensure people don't starve, go hungry, or go without a roof over their head…

Twitter Web App : The PM's promised $2billion in relief over 3yrs – while right now, tourism has already crashed by $1billion. The Government needs an actual serious plan on how to support people in financial hardship right now and ACTUALLY abandon its surplus-first agenda…

Twitter Web App : It would be nice if at least one of the former deniers now eagerly jumping on board with climate action would fess up and say “ we were wrong”. A lot of people were hounded, trolled and had careers threatened simply because they accepted the science. For years.

Twitter Web App : The PM's hypocrisy is staggering! While Scott Morrison calls for "resilience and adaptation" his own government has slashed funding to climate change adaptation research.…

Twitter Web App : Because of climate-change fuelled bushfires, the air quality in Melbourne, where the Australian Open is held, is currently some of the worst in the world.


Twitter Web App : I couldnt get any air. This tennis player was forced to quit her Australian Open match when a coughing fit caused by bushfire smoke caused her to wind up on the floor of the court:

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Twitter Web App : THREAD:

Harmful bushfire smoke air pollution has regularly blanketed some communities over the past months, yet governments have inadequately responded to this public health emergency.

To help protect people's health, governments should:


Twitter Web App : *New #bushfires video* PM Scott Morrison told ABC News even if #Australia shut all its coal power stations, the impact on climate change would be minimal because of China. But... Australia emits far more per person than China. And what about emissions from exports?

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Twitter Web App : Make no mistake, Murdoch papers blatantly report misinformation about climate change to protect conservative leaders and prevent action.

#AustralianBushfireDisaster #bushfirecrisis…

Twitter Web App : In the ~best of times, we know the majority of Newstart recipients are already skipping meals to survive. While Morrison shits on about "resilience & adaptation" this climate-driven price hike will absolutely break low-income ppl his g'ment has thrown to the wolves…

Twitter Web App : Aunty Gloria can stay on her ancestral land <3

This bushfire season has been awful in so many ways but it’s also shown how incredibly kind humans can be.


Twitter Web App : Even Ministers inside Morrison's own cabinet are sick of his climate-denial.

They're ready to put people first and talk about policies that will *actually* deal with climate change.


Twitter Web App : tfw you stand up to your dad's climate-change denial #JamesMurdoch

Twitter Web App : First the New York Times, then one of News Corp’s employees and now Rupert Murdoch’s own son. Climate change is supercharging our bushfire season. Now is the time to demand climate deniers are taken out of the pages of News Corp papers. #JamesMurdoch…