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Twitter for iPad : 10 years ago today Estelle and Kanye dropped American Boy

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Twitter for iPad : One mistake a lot of Nigerian guys make is thinking all ladies done with school is desperate for a relationship or marriage. Especially those guys that can’t handle rejection. They don’t know how to act when they meet ladies that are not desperate

Twitter for iPad : GIDITRAFFIC SAD: Eight passengers were reportedly kidnapped on Thursday by some gunmen who hijacked a bus on Igboho-Igbeti Road,Oyo State.The kidnappers emerged from a bush at the Old Oyo National Park & stopped the bus.The victims were forced into a vehicle the hoodlums parked

Twitter for iPad : So MFM allows trouser in UK and US branches but frowns at common earrings in Naija branches? Lol.. these people have slave mentality and are hypocrites!

Twitter for iPad : Halfway between washing pepper and reaching for onions and you suddenly realise you might be his chef and not his girlfriend.

Android : "Bolaji: if you're heading towards AGEGE from OSHODI, it's safer to chill till around maybe 11pm, or better still go through the PWD into IKEJA and connect AGEGE. the Express is blocked and not moving GIDITRAFFIC Please RT

Android : Abimbola Smith GIDITRAFFIC What are you trying to say?

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Android : Police reportedly nabbed a suspect, Terhemba Tsuum, 39, for impersonating the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello and defrauding unsuspecting public of N38 million. GIDITRAFFIC