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iPhone : Trump isn’t just β€œcanceling military construction projects.” He’s literally taking jobs away from members of the US military and giving them to private contractors. This is one of the most un-American things I’ve ever heard. And Republicans are accomplices, every step of the way.

Twitter Web Client : If you're wanting to Nuke something, you better be damn sure you at least KNOW what it is you insanely wanted to Nuke. God, what an agonizingly stupefying #IdiotInChief! #Hurricanes #Dorian

Trump says he’s never heard of a Category 5 hurricane…

iPhone : Just so my tweeps know: not ignoring my current or new twitter family. Just been a really hard summer personally, plus the hourly #HateInTheWhiteHouse rants & lies from #PresidentPOS forced me to a self-imposed sabbatical for my own sanity. At least thru labor day. Stay safe!πŸŒ€πŸŒŠ

iPhone : Jesus H Christ Cant help but think how fast Rs wouldve crucified Jesus today after tossing the #MAGAts Temple of moneychangers. They exist now as the whiney GOP) 's Twitter Profile">GOP . Moreover, true to HIS convictions, if JC saw their corrupt acts today, GOP) 's Twitter Profile">GOP would have tables embedded up their assess!

iPhone : He should be charged with #treason AND #espionage!

Experts worry Trump revealed U.S. secrets when he tweeted photo of Iranian launch site - Vox…

iPhone : Well, that says it all. Hey #NC, how many of these machines do you have-besides ppl on the ground committing #GOP fraud?!
#Mississippi #ElectionFraud

Video, reports of machines automatically changing votes in Mississippi GOP governor runoff - USA TODAY…

iPhone : Get rid of the criminal-in-chief and watch those rates drop. Until then, they’ll only increase-across the board.πŸ’™
#HeartHealth #heart

Deaths from heart disease and these other conditions are on the rise, research suggests - CNN…

iPhone : Another Black October-When I lost everything, my job, and retirement! And under a GOP administration as well. Yep-Good fking times that never ended. πŸ“‰
#StockMarket #stockselloff

Insiders are selling stock like it's 2007 - CNN Business…

iPhone : Anyone wanna buy back the Louisiana Purchase? Smdh...
#GreenlandNewDeal πŸ˜³πŸ™„

#Trump has asked aides if it's possible to buy #Greenland , sources say…

iPhone : Haven't fallen off the twitterverse, just BS business that must be caught up on. That, and I decided that the move back home to Orange County, FL (is blue) is imminent. Insanity to keep up the hell here. Need to get back to civilization anyway.

iPhone : You're an idiot of you didn't see this coming (MAGAts)
#WinningWednesday 😏

Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces…

iPhone : Hey tweeps! FYI-cable's been 'unplugged' since Thursday & old #iPhone gave it's last gasp as well. But have a new iPhone to activate. Guess my Sunday is set. New phone #, so that will be a pita, but hopefully be back tomorrow. Have patience-I'll get there...eventually.