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Twitter Web App : Ah, yes, this is very in character, apart from the speedy apology.…

Twitter Web App : Rob Red Cat by arguing that gender nonconforming men pose no danger to women, can feel free to access their spaces and anyone who questions this is a bigot

Twitter Web App : When you've accused someone of torturing children, you've kind of killed the golden goose. I believe my solicitors are currently explaining the situation to yours ryan john butcher

Twitter Web App : Oh, wait, this was one they've already done! Haha, they barely register now.

Twitter Web App : Stay Safe Stay Home!

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Twitter Web App : Graham Linehan Gay people have had enough foisted on them over the years as anyone who knows anything about Lesbian and Gay history will attest. After everything from chemical castration to gay tourists in our spaces, we deserve better than vile misogyny n hatred TRAs are displaying towards us