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iPhone : Loved every minute of our visit today, especially the warm welcome we got.

Thank you for reminding me why I was crazy enough to put myself forward for this whirlwind campaign.

Our NHS needs a Labour govt.

I’ll spend the next month fighting damn hard for one.

#VoteLabour 🌹…

iPhone : “The reason I’m here, so far out of my comfort zone, is because I genuinely believe the difference The Labour Party can make. It made a huge different in my life & I am desperate to see it make a difference to future generations.”…

iPhone : Vote Labour for our NHS. Great to see Ashfield Labour candidate Natalie Fleet in this video. If you don’t already follow Natalie on Twitter you should. She would be such a wonderful MP for Ashfield.…

iPhone : And so you should be!

I was born at the Dukeries many years ago, I then had four - painful yet wonderful - births with the support of your fab team at Kings Mill.

I’m so grateful for everything you do on behalf of our community.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome x…

iPhone : I know the viewers will love you and laugh with you as much as I do. I’ll be voting for you to do the trials. What are friends for 😉…

iPhone : Today I announced The Labour Party’s new social contract for veterans.

We will

🔴End the scandal of veterans sleeping rough on our streets
🔴Guarantee free education and training
🔴Treat mental health issues, like PTSD, as seriously as physical health issues

#ForTheMany #RealChange

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iPhone : ✓ 30 hours of free childcare a week for all 2-4 year olds.

✓ 1,000 new Sure Start centres.

✓ Free school meals for all primary school children.

Real change for families.

iPhone : How did Boris Johnson’s visit to Ashfield go today? You can read about it in our local paper. ‘Poorly managed visit from Boris Johnson in Sutton leaves voters with unanswered questions’…

iPhone : It has been such a privilege to work with you Rob. Clever, kind, fun and northern🥂. I know we will stay in touch. Good luck in your new job. They are lucky to have you 😘😘…

iPhone : To the people on social media saying that I shouldn’t be re-standing for Parliament because I am pregnant or criticising what I am wearing (never ok, but your options are a bit limited when 9 months pregnant) - can we please quit with the misogyny?

iPhone : 🚨Boris is on his way to the hospital that lights our skyline

🌹The hospital Labour built

🚨The hospital Tories underfunded so badly nobody knows what time my Nana died on an overcrowded ward

The hospital with heroic staff he denied a pay rise

How dare he!

#Vote4Change #NHS…