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iPhone : my heart. the love you two share can be felt. how lovely that you love each other out loud. 💜💜💜 twitter.com/schoolpsychmsb…

iPhone : here’s jean-paul sartre’s 1961 preface to frantz fanon’s “wretched of the earth”

he explains how ‘nervous conditions’ is the impact of colonialism on those colonized. marxists.org/reference/arch…

iPhone : john-paule sartre wrote the introduction to frantz fanon’s wretched of the earth. this is where he introduced the idea of nervous conditions.

“the status of ‘native’ is a nervous condition introduced + maintained by the settler among colonized people with their consent...”

iPhone : So much of people’s defensiveness around the ruling class is about folks refusing to interrogate their own investment in symbols and markers of white supremacist capitalism. People don’t want to address the gap between their own desires and what they imagine their politics to be.

iPhone : that’s why every liberian person i know always have two sets of parents. their biological parents and then the family that took them in because they lost a parent or because their parent needed support as a result of the war.

iPhone : i think a lot of liberians can say the same. i rarely meet a liberian family that doesn’t share the same history. a lot of families were created through war. children lost parents. parents lost children. people would find refuge together and create a family as a result.

iPhone : my family is so complex because of our unique history. war made us a family but you wouldn’t even tell we weren’t blood. this part of my history is something i will be exploring more in writing. i need to document all of this before my grandfather passes.

iPhone : after we fled liberia, we lived in ivory coast with my grandfather who basically had a whole neighborhood for his big ole family. it was mad heads yall. connected to my grandfathers main house was apartments to fit all of children and grandchildren. we ALWAYS had something to do.

iPhone : my grandfather was the exact same way. my grandfather adopted 30 children who fled to him during the war. he raised everyone as one. he never treated anyone differently. and because of it i have a big ass family. i love it.

iPhone : during the war in liberia, my mother’s house served as a shelter for a lot of people fleeing. my mother never turned anyone away, especially if they were children. i grew up having so many brothers and sisters because of this.

iPhone : Happy Birthday, Mariame Kaba (#LibraSeasonIsInEffect)! 🎈

Kaba is a Black American abolitionist, organizer & educator whose work focuses on ending violence, dismantling the prison industrial complex, transformative justice & supporting youth leadership development.