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iPhone : cashew_later i think thats part of the work for white women who id as feminists though. the distancing from “white feminism” can get slippery and often means stepping into black women / non-black woc theories / spaces.

iPhone : cashew_later well this changes a bit when we mix in race and some other things. but in terms of white women, i think feminist is enough. the term feminism should incorporate intersectionality.

iPhone : the whole 6th grade knows me as the lady who does the circles and i’m not even mad. as i was leaving an observation a student goes “wait. how you leaving and we haven’t done the circle?” i was ready to cancel everything and give that baby their circle 🥺

iPhone : there is something so special about feeling seen by children.

i did a circle in a 6th grade class last month (this was my first and only contact with the children). i went to visit today and got so many hugs and “ms. b, when you coming to do a circle again?”

iPhone : ...if you know a teen (between 13 and 19) interested in songwriting, emceeing, performance, audio production, and engineering, let them know about this FREE 12 week artist development program! airtable.com/shrMwBZd5KtICR…

iPhone : we’re so used to dysfunction that we continue to widen our threshold for it. we keep saying “oh it can’t possibly get worse than this!” and everyday it does. and the day after that we say the same damn thing. twitter.com/paulmgardner/s…

iPhone : i don’t even understand why thiru is even a thing we talk about. this man is obviously struggling to grapple with his mediocrity and continues to push his political career to prove he can be somebody. i wish he’d spend this time in therapy instead of torturing the rest of us.

iPhone : but that’s not how this works though. the policy requires the cameras on for everyone. ain’t no “courtesy” in that policy. he lying and telling on BPD at the same time. what a mess. twitter.com/jemillerwbal/s…