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Bio Happily married with 2 grown-up sons. Love art, music & painting. People & animals more important than things. Interested in politics, comedy & disability.
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Twitter for iPad : Ive supported Extinction Rebellion from the start. Our children and grandchildren will never forgive us if we dont now act. Not only do I welcome what theyve done, I take pride in what theyve done.
@JohnMcdonnellMP | Extinction Rebellion 🌻

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Twitter for iPad : Inspiring story about a young person's battle with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Her message: make sure we all get checked.

Congratulations Maddie on graduating from university.…

Twitter for iPad : Odd fact. If we Brexit, many of the citizens of Macao (officially “Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China”) — a tiny region of China on the other side of the globe — will have full EU FoM, through dual Portuguese citizenship.
And Brits won’t.

Twitter for iPad : “Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.” – Clint Eastwood


Twitter for iPad : Anyone else a little bit suspicious of the U.K. #Tanker “suddenly going of course towards #Iran” sounds to me like we are trying to provoke a reaction... #Boris and #Trump looking to boost popularity with a load of stupid nationalist rhetoric and possible violence..

Twitter for iPad : The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee The Nobel Prize isn’t as naïve as Trump thinks -
his “friendship” [?] with our PM Erna Solberg, NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg, his praise of Norway in various contexts -
it’s surely only his primitive way to get the #NobelPrize!

In his dreams.…

Twitter for iPad : Piers Morgan on #BBCThisWeek tonight:

"It was always a disaster for me that the Prime Minister charged with delivering Brexit was a remainer."

vs Piers Morgan 10 days before she became Prime Minister:…

Twitter for iPad : The "squad" of congresswomen being attacked by Trump would be considered Corbynites in the UK. Like Corbyn, they've been attacked by their own party, called antisemites, terrorist sympathisers and anti-west.

If you don't stand with Corbyn, don't pretend you stand with Ilhan.

Twitter for iPad : The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books “When things are too serious to be contemplated in sobriety, send in the clown.”…

Twitter for iPad : We know who to blame.

The fingerprints of the hard right Labour First are all over these relentless and vicious attacks on JC. And at the very time a General Election is pending. We must rename them-Labour Last.

Twitter for iPad : So what on Earth happened to Twitter? Why all the rearrangement? And so much real estate given to what's trending?

Is there any way to go back to the old layout?

Twitter for iPad : To any Indianapolis area Air Conditioning Technicians willing to help out Amy *overit* Webb, I’ll help you promote your business on digital and social media. If you’re an individual technician who needs personal branding help, I’ll provide my marketing services in exchange for yours.…

Twitter for iPad : #bbclibdemDebate

How can Joe Swinson represent a Scittish Constituency, when she does not live there, in fact she does not even live in Scotland!

She prefers to live in England

Twitter for iPad : I swear, the next person who shares any of the "Miracle" memes (ambulatory wheelchair users standing and it being captioned as a "miracle") is getting unfriended and blocked.

If only you realised how harmful those are, how much abuse we cop for even moving a leg to stretch.

Twitter for iPad : Revealed: how Trump tried to squash stories about hush-money over alleged affairs…

Twitter for iPad : "the planes will fly, there will be clean drinking water, and there will be adequate supplies of glucose, milk solids and whey" is, fundamentally, a very weird thing for a politician to say and for a crowd to cheer…

Twitter for iPad : Heartbroken to read some of the comments about drug addicts on Twitter.

I worked 5 years in a homeless unit in Glasgow with drug addicts/alcoholics.
Most had good hearts, strength I’d never witnessed before in my life, and horrendous burdens to bear.
Be kind.