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Android : *trump eats live baby on national television*

jeff flake: sends mean tweet

mccain: releases mean 2 paragraph statement

jim jordan: watches, does nothing

paul ryan: punches poor person

dana loesch: wonders why the baby didn't have a gun

hannity: eats 2 babies to show loyalty

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Android : It's incredibly entertaining to watch people figure out that super rich people don't actually give a shit about normal people.

Elon Musk is and always has been a capitalist. He cares about himself and his bank account.

Android : In the decade and a half I've spent in Utah, I've never felt like I belonged in any bar I've ever been to. Tonight I went to Quarters Arcade Bar and it felt like home. Punk on the sound system, all the games I love, and delicious drinks.

Kudos to my new favorite bar. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Android : Not sure how I got lucky enough to spend my life with a girl who can whoop my ass in Street Fighter AND Mortal Kombat at an arcade bar, but also shout along to The Lillingtons the whole ride home, but god damn I love Miskatonic Grad Student so much.

Android : Is it weird that standing in 90Β° heat waiting for a train kinda makes me wish I was a skinny girl who could get away with barely wearing any clothes in public?

Is this how most women feel all the time in summer?

Android : Imagine if #TheLastJedi had ended not with Luke's force projection, but instead with Rey arriving, feeling incapable, and in her moment of doubt, she hears Luke whisper, "Use the force"...

Android : Jonathan McIntosh I've always viewed Luke's force projection as a blatant Deus ex machina, framing him as the ultimate bad ass hero, and therefore ruining his moment of growth in the RotJ fight, making it feel like he hadn't grown at all, but instead had become consumed with pride.