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Bio Green Party member of the House of Lords. Concerned esp about climate change & civil liberties. Labelled by Met Police as a domestic extremist.
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Android : Friends, please share widely across your networks. We need to give Kate Wilson all our support and solidarity, as she is representing herself in this huge challenge against the police.
For background info see:…

Android : Today, we once again join tens of thousands of school students to #Strike4ClimateJustice!

Since it's #ValentinesDay, let's remind world leaders that the planet is our one true love! 🌎💚

Find your nearest strike and join us! ✊ 👇

Android : 'Johnson’s choice of pipsqueaks and placemen, yes-women and yellow bellies is the most under-brained, third-rate cabinet in living memory. Three great offices of state are held by those who owe their unmerited promotion to PM alone.'


Android : Pleasing news. More to do though. Infrastructure & road speed of course are priorities. We must also continue driver & #Cyclist education/prevention. I encourage use of #Headcam as referrals enable #Police to enforce dangerous driving & will act as deterrent. #Cycling #RoadSafety…

Android : For those who keep hoping Johnson may yet prove to be a liberal, this appointment shows the dangerous route Britain has embarked upon for citizens’ rights, judicial review and human rights. This is a government that wants revenge, and wants to shut down accountability.…

Android : Congratulations to George Eustice on his appointment

But, there is a lot to do

Not least, the Agric, Fisheries & Environment Bills all need a lot of strengthening if the previous promise to "maintain and enhance environmental protections as we Brexit" is not going to be broken…

Android : I challenge anybody to argue that Rishi Sunak is the best person to steer our national economy at this turbulent time

He has been in Parliament for less than five years and his experience is all in the casino economy

This is tyrannical, personalised government. Dreadful

Android : Our environment is now being *safeguarded* by a minister who
- Voted 14 times against measures to tackle climate change
- Voted 3 times against support for local carbon electricity
- Described environmental protection laws as “spirit crushing”

Android : Barbastelle bats are one of our rarest and most highly protected bat species in the UK , yet the Norwich Western Link Road is set to destroy prime habitat - all to cut journey times by a few mins !

Please donate to Wild Wings Ecology crowdfunder if you can⬇️…

Android : Over 1.9 million views!

Don’t allow our democracy to die in Darkness. Let’s shine a light on the TRUTH together

RT & demand the release of the report into Russian interference in UK politics NOW!


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Android : A genuinely terrible appointment. I worked with her on a inquiry to secure EU citizens' rights, and she then voted against the results of the inquiry. Untrustworthy and untalented.…

Android : The critical UN climate summit is being placed in the hands of a minister who has voted 15 times against measures to tackle the #ClimateEmergency

This is not commitment. Our climate, and the UK’s reputation, cannot afford someone who is so lukewarm on biggest challenge we face…