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Twitter for iPad : I have just received a message from Air BnB that states: "From 9am today it will not be possible to book a stay on Airbnb in the United Kingdom during the current lockdown period." I welcome this development that falls after the public pressure on the company.

Twitter for iPad : Exactly. Acting politically tough in your own country but throwing your reputation away outside the Netherlands. All the time knowing that the ECB is there anyway, and that it functions without any democratic control. 🤦🏽‍♂️…

Twitter for iPad : Dont miss our weekly webinar today at 16.30 to discuss:
- advice on how to run a food enterprise safely during the COVID19 outbreak
- experiences of running or setting up an online food enterprise, to ask questions and offer & receive support
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Twitter for iPad : Absolutely spot on. Watch and take note ~ and avoid passing on the "doesn't discriminate" myth. Everything about this hits unequally.…

Twitter for iPad : ‘The capacity to carry out work is 25% of what it would usually be’. Brexit: UK plan to agree trade deal by December is fantasy, says EU | Brexit | The Guardian…

Twitter for iPad : A clear message from our local police service: stay at home over the Easter holiday

We love the west country and we know you love the west country but travelling here at the moment will put your lives and our lives at risk


Twitter for iPad : To be fair, in response to my own tweet, this figure was reported very clearly in the 8 o’clock news on BBC radio 4

Twitter for iPad : Tonight, Newsnight pays tribute to some of the key workers who have died during the coronavirus crisis



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Twitter for iPad : Nurses who wore bin bags due to PPE shortage 'all test positive for coronavirus'

Government failure leads to suffering of our most precious and dedicated carers


Twitter for iPad : HEADLINE. PM sits up in bed , improving. BTW 938 people died in the UK. Media outlets please get your priorities in order.

Twitter for iPad : Soviet-style communication on day that we saw largest daily death toll and similar level of deaths in UK as at peak in Italy

Yesterday called for sober reflection and resolve not fake good news

BBC should do its job and hold government to account, not share official propaganda…

Twitter for iPad : This was *the* important news from yesterday, but how many people heard it?

Remember shocked reporting from Italian ICU a month ago? Things now worse in UK but journos not reporting

Please respond by giving examples of when this was - or was not - clearly reported yesterday…

Twitter for iPad : 150 Saudi Princes struck by Coronavirus - as The country declares ceasefire in Yemen war - The New York Times…

Twitter for iPad : Within Eurozone, Italy can only borrow if Germany and Netherlands agree

Germany would consider ’Corona bonds’ at this time of extreme crisis

What a tragedy if Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra and Dutch government feed anti-European populism by selfish and inhuman obstruction…