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Bio Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
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Twitter Web App : Research, funding, or new laws? How much do we really know and understand about the needs of our farmers?

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Twitter Web App : Murder suspected in death of Indonesian environmental activist:…

Twitter Web App : No toleraremos amenazas a personas, activistas u organización que de manera legítima y pacífica se oponen a un proyecto de impacto ambiental. Nuestro apoyo a Katta Alonso y la organización MUZOSARE, defensoras ambientales de la zona de Quintero-Puchuncaví.

Twitter Web App : Vem aí a Jornada Sangue Indígena: Nenhuma Gota Mais. Lideranças indígenas percorrerão 12 países para denunciar as violências que os povos vêm sofrendo, especialmente no governo Bolsonaro. Acompanhe: APIB oficial Mídia índia Mídia NINJA

#NenhumaGotaMais #TodosPelaAmazônia

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Twitter Web App : TONIGHT: Join Oceans Campaigner, Kate Melges, to learn about how our pressure can leverage the next big corporation to commit to a plastic-free future! #ReuseRevolution

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Twitter Web App : 🚨ATTENTION: Half of the emissions that we have produced in the entire history of humanity, from the burning of #FossilFuels, have come in the last 30 years.

Oil, coal, & gas must stay in the ground. Demand action TODAY 👉


Twitter Web App : WATCH THIS: The CEOs of BP and Shell have had a really bad week! They hoped to turn it around last night by attending a fancy oil industry gala. Greenpeace volunteers had very different plans 🤣✊💚

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Twitter Web App : The #ClimateEmergency impacts millions around the world. Just 20 fossil fuel companies are behind ⅓ of the carbon emissions fueling the problem. Is that fair? Time to hold climate polluters accountable. #ClimateJustice @cj_greenpeace #KeepItInTheGround…

Twitter Web App : Meet .Pseudellusion, a performance artist from Nelson Mandela University: Mountains of plastic defile and dirty our oceans every day. The waste we produce is the waste we carry. Take charge, pollute less, consume less! Change can start with you!

Twitter Web App : President Bolsonaro told the UN the Amazon fires are media lies, and Indigenous Brazilians are fighting back.

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Twitter Web App : Lets unite to save our oceans! Together we can ensure that a third of our oceans become off limits to destructive ocean practices, like overfishing. A strong oceans treaty will benefit humans, animals and sea creatures alike 🦑 🐙 🐋 >>

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Hootsuite Inc. : Livestock uses a third of global cropland (contributing to deforestation), and accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

It's simple: Reduce the meat to reduce the heat.

#LessMeatLessHeat #LessMeatMoreVeg

Twitter Web App : There are so many inspiring young women leading the climate movement, and @lilysplasticpickup, we are so thrilled to see you being recognised as one 💚

Twitter Web App : 👏👏👏Extinction Rebellion ⌛️ activist are camping out for a week at multiple points in the centre of #Paris.

Across the world, people are taking action to highlight the #ClimateEmergency.…