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Twitter Web App : #VoteChallenge Ich wähle am 26.Mai für mein Europa der Vielfalt. Wähl fürs Klima und Vielfalt statt Einfalt #EUwahl2019! Rede mit allen Freund*innen Familie Oma undOpa💚💪#VoteForClimate #TogetherForFuture Ich nominiere Stefanie Urbach Bernhard Poetter Ulrike Winkelmann Anett Selle

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Twitter Web App : Dave Goulson The least the EU can do is to do a robust risk assessment of #pesticides potential impact on bees – so one harmful chemical isnt just replaced by another.

EU Food Safety #SavetheBees #beeguidance #neonicotinoids #WorldBeeDay

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Twitter Web App : Dave Goulson) 's Twitter Profile">Dave Goulson “It’s a catastrophe” - Dave Goulson) 's Twitter Profile">Dave Goulson “new generations of pesticides come onto the market and we’re told that they’re safe. And it often takes 20 or 30 years for us to realise they’re not safe and for the scientific evidence to accumulate.”


Twitter Web App : Greenpeace e.V. J-F Julliard Daniel Mittler Greenpeace Austria As an American who believes in a #Europe of #peace and #ClimateAction please #VoteForMe - and #voteclimate. You can make #Europe deliver!

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Twitter Web App : Check out Prof Dave Goulson talking bee-harming #neonicotinoids

“3/4 of the world’s bees are routinely being exposed to chemicals designed to kill insects. We shouldn’t be surprised that honeybees are suffering from health problems.”


Twitter Web App : Hey quick everyone its #BeeDay!

Did you know that:
🌽75% of crops
🌼90% of wild flowers
rely on bees and other insects to pollinate them?

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Twitter Web App : #votechallenge: Ich gehe am 26. Mai wählen, für Europa, fürs Klima & unsere Zukunft, ihr auch?

Ich nominiere Katja Diehl 🇪🇺 Isabell Eberlein Katja Täubert Thijs Lucas Dirk Schneidemesser Stephanie Krone #EuElections2019 #voteforclimate

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Twitter Web App : Vote in the #EUelections2019 on 23-26 May 🇪🇺💚

Because democracy is the cleanest environment

#19May #EinEuropafürAlle #VoteForClimate

Twitter Web App : On #19May hundreds of thousands across #Europe will say no to hate and #YesToChange
What are you voting for? #EUelections2019 #VideoChallenge #VoteForClimate…

Twitter Web App : Happy and united for all the good things on that flag: equal rights for all, #ClimateAction, feminism, global solidarity and #peace. Together we stand up for the #EuropeWeWant today and at #EUelections2019. Together we say #NoToHate and #YesToChange. In #Berlin & all over #Europe

Twitter Web App : Greenpeace Austria Sebi Theissing-Matei nunu kaller Jasmin Duregger Jens Karg Lukas Hammer Volker Plass Ich gehe am 26. Mai wählen, weil es um unser aller Zukunft geht.

Warum geht ihr wählen Marion Tiemann Faiza Oulahsen Corinna Milborn Maria Mayrhofer Sebastian Bohrn Mena? #VoteForClimate #Europawahl2019 #VoteChallange

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Twitter Web App : The best future we can have is a Europe for all 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Great turnout for the #19May demonstrations taking place in Cologne and 42 European cities today! Let’s carry the momentum to the voting booth next week 🗣

Twitter Web App : Last night ~ le mouvement started off Europe-wide events to rally people to vote in #EUelections2019 Today, people in over 50 cities are joining in #19May

Twitter Web App : Guten Morgen #Marburg! Warum geht ihr am 26.5.wählen? Tomma beantwortet diese Frage so 👇#VoteforClimate #GehWaehlen #Europawahl2019
Greenpeace e.V. 1EuropaFuerAlle

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Twitter Web App : #VoteChallenge Ich werde bei der #EuWahl2019 wählen gehen. Denn ich lasse mir meine Zukunft nicht von Parteien von gestern kaputt machen.
#EuElections2019 #VoteForClimate
Und ich nominiere Sascha Gabizon Leonie Sontheimer Luisa Neubauer Wiebke Witt Maja Goepel Marion Tiemann

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Twitter Web App : Ich geh am 26. Mai bei der #Europawahl2019 wählen, weil die Plastikkatastrophe keine Landesgrenzen kennt.

Warum geht ihr wählen? Ich nominiere Sabine Beck, Lena Jäger & Yasmo

#VoteChallenge #VoteForClimate #GehWählen

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Twitter Web App : Theres no climate justice without social justice

Solidarity with all LGBT+ people fighting injustice on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia ✊🏾✊🏻🏳️‍🌈✊🏼✊🏽 #IDAHOBIT2019

And with all LGBT+ people fighting climate change too!

Twitter Web App : Air pollution causes about 500,000 premature deaths in Europe every year 😷

We need to stop #AirPollution from:
🚗 transport
🚜 agriculture
🏭 industry
⚡️ energy

#CleanAirNow #AirQuality #CleanAir4Health…