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Twitter Web Client : 🔴PREMIERE 8pm ET:

#China: This is a threat to kill Americans, by withholding medicines…If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.”

Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx, on why it’s dangerous 80% of key drug components are from #China. #ATL🇺🇸

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Twitter Web Client : 702s
here is how the NSA spies on us.
video clip from the Snowden movie (2016):

obtaining a FISA warrant is just a rubber stamp process for the CIA, NSA, FBI.
FISA judges are corrupt and complacent.
it is the Chief Justice who appoints the FISA Judges.

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Twitter Web Client : FISA warrants
from the movie Snowden by Oliver Stone Oliver Stone

The Snowden movie was released in Sept 2016
1 month before the FISA on Carter Page & the Trump campaign was authorized.

weird coincidence...

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Twitter Web Client : if so, can you explain to me why William Barr has not yet arrested:
- James Comey,
- Andrew McCabe,
- John Brennan
- and James Clapper ???

and Anthony Fauci.…

Twitter Web Client : The Brave Men and Women Who Keep Us Safe™ -- who still work in a building named after J. Edgar Hoover -- sure do seem to abuse their power and ignore the law quite a bit, don't they?…

Twitter Web Client : Remember when the newly beloved liberal heroes of the security state -- the FBI, NSA & DOJ agents who now make up huge parts of CNN & MSNBC and the liberal pantheon -- kept telling you the FISA process is very rigorous & immune to abuse?

They lied:…

Twitter Web Client : Too high prices of gasoline in California?
easy solution:
make it:

$8 a gallon for liberals
$1 a gallon for Conservatives

problem solved.
and this can be extended Nationwide.

do you agree?