Enough Already! No More Conservatives in Power. (@Greg_MarineLab )

Enough Already! No More Conservatives in Power.

Bio Left-leaning atheist; #VoteALP; #SJW; Global #fbr #resistance #resist; Trump is dragging the world into the sewer & #LNP are happily following him
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Twitter for iPad : Here’s video I found of Eric Trump saying “I’ve been to China many times—I love China—A lot of plans for China. We have an amazing buyer base from China that has apartments in our buildings—use our hotels—are members of our golf clubs” Make it viral #AMJoy

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Twitter for iPad : It’s odd how people on here desperately ask why Republicans don’t do anything about Trump, and then when one jumps in to actually primary him, they spend their time downplaying him. He’s a Republican. Of course you don’t agree with Joe Walsh. I certainly don’t.

Twitter for iPad : Trump is a sociopath. Retweet if you agree. Then listen to my interview with a psychologist, who confirms the fact that Trump is a true sociopath. #AMJoy dworkinreport.com/2018/08/20/a-p…

Twitter for iPad : Dear #G7Summit: we’re sorry. Thank you for babysitting. If you distract him with something shiny, a few Big Macs, or a nude picture of his daughter, he shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Twitter for iPad : My 20 year old can no longer legally purchase tobacco products in Ohio until she’s 21, because they’re considered bad for her health! No worries though, she can buy any type of gun she’d like regardless of anyone else’s health! 🙄🙄🙄

Twitter for iPad : The KKK is standing on American streets, in the light of day, in 2019—with the comfort of knowing their president called some of them “very fine people.” twitter.com/graigmeyer/sta…

Twitter for iPad : A United Airlines flight attendant just no joke threatened to emergency land the plane because an economy passenger used the first class bathroom. And she called the air marshall!