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TweetDeck : Very disingenuous of Boris Johnson to say his comments about Jeremy Corbyn engaging in political “onanism” were an early draft - they were briefed by his own advisers

TweetDeck : Brave of Tom Newton Dunn to ask Boris Johnson why his reference to "onanism" (w***ing) was removed from his speech...

"A stray early draft seems to have somehow found its way into your otherwise peerless copy by a process that I don't pretend to understand."


TweetDeck : Wouldn't want to worry anyone but everything I ever made following Blue Peter fell apart not long afetrwards. twitter.com/SebastianEPayn…

TweetDeck : It's difficult to read this as anything other than seeking to use the labour shortages resulting from leaving the single market to drive up wages for UK workers. But to think of free movement as the enemy of better labour market regulation is bad economics & terrible politics. twitter.com/guardian/statu…

TweetDeck : OK
Can we stop with the boxing stuff now please
Everyone knows it is the karate vote that is crucial in #GeneralElection2019 #GE2019

iPhone : Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib delivers the speech he'd clearly prepared several days ago before Farage withdrew from 317 seats... Bashing Boris withdrawal agreement paragraph by paragraph, saying you must vote against it. Couple next to me say in despair "Well we can't, can we."

iPhone : “It is wrong in my view to have any greater free movement of labour unless you get stricter labour market regulation.”
Len McCluskey has been talking to my colleague Larry Elliott. theguardian.com/politics/2019/…

iPhone : John McDonnell says he will fund NHS spending by taxing the top 5% at a higher rate of income tax - those earning more than £125k will pay at 50%. That’s sticking with Labour’s policy from 2017 manifesto

iPhone : Mini-discovery of the day while looking at various marginal seats. The Lib Dem candidate in Bedford is called Henry Vann, and so his Twitter handle is "BedfordVann". I mean, why wouldn't you?

iPhone : I’m awaiting Jo Swinson in sunny north London - and she is being picketed. These people say they are just concerned local residents. Police trying to move them on.