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Twitter for iPad : John McDonnell on Venezuela:

2014: Socialism in action

2018: I don’t think it was a socialist country


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Android : John McDonnell: I didn’t say what you just heard me say.
#SkyNews #Ridge

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Android : Not £350 million, not £384 million, £650 million-a-week extra into the NHS by 2023. That number on the side of the bus was an underestimate. #ConservativeManifesto

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TweetDeck : We watched em so you dont have to. The Sunday show highlights all in one place…

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TweetDeck : ICYMI Yesterday:
Labour Comms Officer Was the BBC Question Time Liar…

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TweetDeck : What he said is not strictly true, he plans to reduce debt as proportion of GDP not reduce the actual debt. You can't run a deficit and reduce debt.