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Twitter Web Client : GRENFELL: Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said the insulation by Celotex “was more flammable than the cladding.”

Housing Minister Sajid Javid’s advisor on building regulations was Mark Allen, Technical Director of Celotex.

Why have no journalists asked him about this?

iPhone : Paul Mason Kate Hoey Unless you happen to be a council tenant threatened with social cleansing by a ‘Labour’ council dominated by the Blairite Progress group. In which case membership of a neoliberal bankers club is the least of your worries...

iPhone : Abi Wilkinson They are called conspiracy theorists and like the ‘9/11 truthers’ they are the complete opposite of ‘left’ despite their claims to the contrary. They are also the useful idiots of the right wing media & should be treated as such. NOT ‘harmless nutters’ as so many claim...

Twitter Web Client : Leah Borromeo Thats the least of your worries. The Rolling Stones will still be going and playing at the party. Imagine how little meat we'll scavenge from Mick & Keith.. Though admittedly we'll probably get a bit stoned off whatever we consume.

Twitter Web Client : Crowds now building up in the square for the official Trump welcome.
I mean seriously... rolling out the red carpet for this moron?!? Well its not like we werent already the laughing stock of all Europe... #TrumpUKVisit

iPhone : White, black, brown, yellow, man, woman, transgender, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, young, old, ALL of you will taste the same to the zombies.

iPhone : James OBrien While you’re there why not pop over to the Moria camp on Lesvos followed by a trip to the MSF facility in Athens? I think you’d benefit from a fuller understanding of how your beloved EU actually works for people other than yourself.