HK Four Trails Ultra (@HK4TUC )

HK Four Trails Ultra

Bio Run all four Hong Kong long-distance trails (total 298km / 185mi, 14.5k / 48k ft D+) self-supported within 60 hours.
9th edition: Sat, 25 - Mon, 27 Jan 2020

Location Hong Kong
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LaterMedia : We did say free beer and a free glass...

When you finish...

If you finish...

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iPhone : Sometimes we push limits without even realising.

Read the remarkable story of 9-year-old Kade Lovell who went beyond what he believed he could achieve, winning the 10K race after initially entering the 5K
Well done Kade 👏

#NoHumanisLimited… : 5⭐ star review from Craig G.…

Twitter Web App : Mark Agnew IAAF Absolutely need WADA accredited out-of-competition testing in ultra/trail. Too many athletes making large & sudden leaps or defying age. We aren’t ignorant. I don’t know what’s holding back the ITRA IAU QUARTZ program from making it happen.


Instagram : 希望隊友早日康復🙏


iPhone : Camille Herron Cajsa Holgersson Sophie Grant Claire Maxted Damian Hall Linda Barton-Robbins Rick Pearson Fast Women Womens Running Erin Strout Sarah Lorge Butler Katie Falkingham BBC Sport I mean, really? Are we still having to fight this battle? I think I’m more offended by the fact that they tried to justify the difference than the difference itself. The decision was calculated, not made out of ignorance. Ugh. Molly Mirhashem Outside Magazine

Twitter Web App : The use of emergency powers by the HK CE will lead to an unnecessary escalation of the crisis. A majority of Hong Kongers endorse the basic platform of the protests because they feel that the government does not act in their interests. Todays events confirm those feelings.

Instagram : Maclehose 1 and 2 completed this time 👍 @ Maclehose Trail Section 2…

Android : Hammerfest: melding om en trafo stasjon som har eksplodert. Det har ikke oppstått brann som følge av hendelsen. En del husstander i området er uten strøm. Brann, politi og E-verket er på stedet for å undersøke saken.

iPhone : Video: 17-year-old Jacob Chu has spoken to Alex Crawford about being brutally beaten by Hong Kong police after a peaceful protest.…
Chu became headline news when he was pictured with his head bleeding heavily after the incident.

Instagram : Long slow run semi Hong Kong island loop @ Hong Kong…

iPhone : Sudah bukaa....Ayuh! Boleh berkampung di kaki gunung Nuang; Pangsun dan berlari ultra dengan rakan-rakan


Android : Me: Wheres the room?
Michael: Something about a A frame....?

Me: ...🤔
Michael: What?!?!

Me: 😂I cant believe we made it all this way to get lost in the parking lot.

Michael: We are *not* lost. We just dont know where we are.😎

Buffer : The trek up Mount Ijen and down into its caldera takes less than 2 hours, It does not require special equipment or training, but is steep and jagged in places. The more challenging section is descending into the crater itself. #hiking #outdoors #mountain #wilderness #indonesia

Twitter Web App : Micah Herndon, a former Marine who survived an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2010, collapsed and crawled to the finish at the Boston Marathon.

He says he now runs in honor of the three Marines who were lost in the ambush. (via Dana Giordano)

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iPhone : #daughter #kids she can write her name

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