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iPhone : Happy Thanksgiving! For the Post I wrote about the people developing homebrew, cartridge-based NES games in 2019.…

Twitter Web App : No british politician has the steel to be interviewed by the most brutal journalist of all ghost

Twitter Web App : Remarkable how this is referred to as tin hats, rather than something a PM who has much of the media in his pocket, despite bringing the industry into disrepute consistently, would have probably calculated…

Twitter Web App : Huh, so dominic cummings used p direct anti semitic references in his blog post, and no one cares? is it because be pronounced Jeffrey Epstein's name correctly

Twitter Web App : Turkeys vote for Christmas in order to survive Thanksgiving and live one more month it is truly a miserable choice for them

Twitter Web App : I have a column in this week's New Statesman about how under 30s on the left in this country have never celebrated winning a general election, and how that is - to use a technical term - crap…

Twitter Web App : 14 years ago, at the age of 13, i very earnestly posted a thread w the subject line Grinch Alert on a website called ToonZone dot net telling everyone that How The Grinch Stole Christmas was about to be on TV

Twitter Web App : In America for Thanksgiving, so I thought I would go the whole hog and roast a turkey! Watch your back Brad from Bon Apetit

Twitter Web App : can confirm that after several months of being inadvertently part of twitter’s ad campaign in new york (they never told/asked me!) it has brought me no money, peace, or happiness. It has, however, brought me host of male bot followers. Good parable for this web site really…