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iPhone : If you can make it through this video without screwing up your face in disgust, you’re a better man than me. twitter.com/georgewallisss…

Twitter Web Client : Stan Collymore - 30th April 2019: Itll take something special for Pochettino to not win Manager of the Year. Pep would have to win the domestic treble to do it.

Stan Collymore - 20th May 2019: I give Citys treble win a 5/10. They have such deep pockets, its not difficult.

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Twitter Web Client : Mate, youre replying to 20-odd tweets a day about Wilfried Zahas price, why do you bother?


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Twitter Web Client : Piers Morgan For a bloke who proudly states to have never watched a single minute of Game Of Thrones, you spend a ridiculous amount of time tweeting about it, including the hashtag as you go; it's almost as if you're just doing it for the attention.

Twitter Web Client : I did this when Mile Jedinak pinged in that screamer against Liverpool and felt like the king of the world for 5 minutes. twitter.com/ODDSbible/stat…

Twitter Web Client : That's a bold but admirable statement given the shambles UEFA have created around Henrikh Mkhitaryan. twitter.com/gunnerblog/sta…

Twitter Web Client : This bloke has been living the dream for years.

He milks life for all it's worth and I've got all the time in the world for it. twitter.com/BettingDirecto…

Twitter Web Client : Jeff has quoted the official Premier League account to point out that football existed before the Premier League began.

We all know that it's a 27 year old organisation, they can't be blamed for only talking directly about the winners of their own competition. twitter.com/JeffWallner/st…

Twitter Web Client : Recency bias: The phenomenon of a person most easily remembering something that has happened recently, compared to remembering something that may have occurred a while back.

Twitter Web Client : UEFA happily hosting showpiece finals at stadiums where players' safety can't be guaranteed, just so they can fill their pockets.

It's a total disgrace. twitter.com/Arsenal/status…

Twitter Web Client : Arsenal's all-time top scorer: 228

5th highest PL scorer of all-time: 175

Arsenal's all-time top scorer in Europe: 42

Career goals in club football: 360

League titles: 5

Champions League medals: 1

World Cup medals: 1

European Championship medals: 1

Get in the bin. twitter.com/Hustler_Futbol…

Twitter Web Client : "At United, I also employed the false winger tactic by locking Wilfried Zaha in a cupboard for the entirety of my tenure. No defender was ever going to find him in there." twitter.com/CoachesVoice/s…

Twitter Web Client : Stan Collymore doing everything within his power to trigger Manchester City fans?

Well, I for one am shocked. Shocked I tell you. twitter.com/MirrorFootball…

Twitter Web Client : That's literally the point, I honestly don't know how much more simple I can make this for people. twitter.com/ckmcfc01/statu…

Twitter Web Client : Zaha is key to Palace retaining their status in the Premier League.

Premier League football is worth more than £100m a season.

Palace don't want to sell Zaha.

Any sale they do agree will be for £80m+.

This is so they can adequately replace him.

RT to spread awareness.

Twitter Web Client : The key factor you seem to be ignoring in this is that Palace (the club who employ him) need to receive a fee which allows them to adequately replace him in a single window. Why should the club put themselves at a disadvantage just to be nice? twitter.com/LCFC99/status/…