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Twitter Web Client : I'm 15-2 in my climb, had some unfortunate games yesterday to break my 100% win rate but it's okay.

trying more commentary today.

iPhone : Do kids nowadays still say "kobe" when shooting baskets or do they say something else?

Twitter Web Client : Did placements on my new account, went 10-0 and ended up in Plat 4. The dream of starting from Bronze to Challenger is now gone :(

Anyway, let's climb


Twitter Web Client : doing my unranked to challenger stream, looking forward to some funny games and doing commentary


Twitter Web Client : for a 2018 game Monster Hunter world has some asinine QoL issues such as playing with people on same network as you, partying with friends and trying to quest together in beginning.

for a game that promotes party play heavily, their party play system is shit

pls fix

Twitter Web Client : back from evo, time to stream! still working on fixing my glare issue and will start my fresh lvl 30 ranked adventure sometime this week