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Media Studio : To those who have served or continue to serve in our armed forces – thank you. #VeteransDay

Media Studio : On this day in 2004, Halo 2 launched and we joined the Master Chief in defending Earth from the Covenant. Whats your favorite memory from this legendary game?

Media Studio : #Totakus Master Chief figure has landed! Equipped with his trusty MA5D Assault Rifle, Spartan-117 is poised and ready for battle. Add this figure to your Halo collection today – available exclusively at GameStop! gamestop.com/collectibles/t…

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Media Studio : The Covenant holy city of High Charity was an enormous mobile space station that served as the political and military capital of the star-spanning alien empire. #FictionFriday halowaypoint.com/en-us/universe…

Twitter Web Client : Our latest Halo Community Update features a host of noteworthy news and curious catch-ups, all delivered by a sentimental scribe. Read up on all the details here! halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/one…

Twitter Web Client : Capture the Flag, Strongholds, Oddball, and Slayer all return with a limited run of the Core Play playlist. Grab a friend and hop into the quintessential Halo 5 experience today!

Twitter Lite : Join us on Mixer for some Halo 3 2v2 action on todays 343 Social Stream with the Halo Esports #HCS Teams very own Lalo. Tune in to catch the show live on mixer.com/Halo!

Media Studio : Keep your head down, theres two of us in here now. Remember?
#TodayInHalo, 2549 – Cortana is created in the laboratory of Dr. Catherine Halsey on Reach.

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Twitter Web Client : Therell be a strong Halo showing next weekend at #DHATL18 with the #HCS Finals 2018 and the H3 #2v2Showdown. Find more info about our presence at this action-packed gaming festival on halo.gg/HCSFinals2018!

Twitter Web Client : The Halo Esports #HCS Teams newest member, Lalo, will be jumping on this weeks 343 Social Stream to play MCC and chat about his journey from Halo montage editor to Social Media & Content Producer. Well see you tomorrow at 1:30pm PT on Mixer! mixer.com/Halo

Twitter Web Client : Whats a medal that youd love to see in Halo Infinite? Personally, I think a ricochet (bank-shot) medal would be a fantastic addition. What action would you say deserves a fancy new medal?

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Twitter Web Client : Six years ago, the Master Chief and Cortana returned to save humanity from the wrath of the Didact. Happy Birthday, Halo 4!

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Media Studio : Head over to your neighborhood Microsoft Store today at 12pm to get in on some epic Halo 3 doubles action! Make friends, win prizes, and test your skills against local talent. Find your nearest store, details, and register online at smash.gg/mshalo!

Twitter Lite : We’ve got some copies of the Scholastic Halo Official Spartan Field Manual signed by author and resident franchise writer Kenneth Peters.

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Twitter Web Client : Sergeant John Forge served as the ground commander of the UNSC Spirit of Fire’s forces during its actions on Harvest, Arcadia, and the Forerunner shield world 0459, where he heroically sacrificed his life to save the ship and her crew. #FictionFriday halowaypoint.com/en-us/universe…

Twitter Web Client : ITS STREAM TIME!



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Twitter Web Client : The latest Halo Community Spotlight illuminates more incredible community creations that never cease to amaze. Cosplay, screenshots, pumpkins, fan art, videos, and much more. Come check it all out! #HaloSpotlight halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/spo…

Twitter Web Client : Want to LAN some Halo 3 this weekend? Head down to your local Microsoft Store on Sunday to play in a friendly 2v2 tournament and earn Xbox prizes. Tell a friend and register online at smash.gg/mshalo! #MicrosoftStoreHalo