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Bio I have loved being married to my beautiful wife for the last 39 years! I also like reading, listening to music, astronomy, saltwater aquariums, archeology/ruins
Location North Carolina, USA
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iPhone : Each day draw strength from your faith in yourself as a good-hearted person who has high potentials to be happy & successful...

With courage, move forward, unafraid of hard work...

Know that within you are capabilities waiting to be tapped...


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Android : 8 steps to a good day:

1. Wake up with a positive attitude
2. Let go of the past &your fear
3. Stay with the present
4. Be mindful, be open-hearted
5. Smile often
6. Think good thoughts
7. Love is the answer
8. And believe in yourself you can do what you set out to do


IFTTT : Good Morning My Friends

Who want to try this ?

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iPhone : Happy Weekend beautiful friends 🙌🏽 My hope & intent is to extend Kindness to the world 🙌🏽 I embrace the learning the experience and sharing from beautiful souls 🙌🏽 Thank you for the beautiful connections & friendship here on Twitter ♥️ Blessings to all😘❤️#BeIVU

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Twitter Web App : Don’t think that you matter, and make any sort of difference?

- The very fact that you’ve got a beating heart, and a heart that truly cares, is enough to prove that.

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Android : Every summer in Greece, hundreds of volunteers help sea turtle hatchlings as they embark on their perilous journey to the sea.

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Twitter Web App : Karen Sanderson Pl no worry, U beautiful smiley stylish queen, it happens! Its Ur sweetness, U seek apologies! I too irregular in tweets these days as my elder daughter, gr. daughter & son-in-law fr Dubai are with me. Feel happy! It may take a few days more. Feel good to see U too, GL&GB Mam🌹

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iPhone : Communication... It’s the first
thing we really learn in life.
Funny thing is, once we grow
up, learn our words and really
start talking, the harder it
becomes to know what to
say. Or how to ask for what
we really need.

- Meredith Gray

Hootsuite Inc. : Listen to the wind, it talks.
Listen to the silence, it speaks.
Listen to your heart, it knows.

Native American Proverb

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😌When Im ALL grown up..... come what may.......
Ill build a boat to carry me away....😊

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💛 Today we awoke to the #SpectacularView of sunrise and realized how special all of our lives are. 🌞
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SocialOomph : Oh Lord, how manifold are Your works, with wisdom You have made them all, and according to the counsel of Your will--thus, help me to walk DAILY in the counsel of Your will! ~KFaith (Psalms 104:24) DailyPrayers

Android : Request everyone to watch this 1 minute video without miss.
This is an amazing forward from Trafalgar square, London during the celebration of India’s Independence Day.Jai Hind 🙏

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