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Fenix 2 : TNW If they had men's sex toys at the event (not sure what sort of toys those would be) the same thing would probably have happened, pretty sure there's other events for those sorts of stalls

Fenix 2 : TNW China gave the middle finger to Google first, this is some good payback :)

Fenix 2 : The Verge Until 12 months later they hike fees and charge extra for more than two streams and 4k.. Usual bait to get people into it then hike prices when they get enough users

Fenix 2 : Stuff Officials say there is no lasting contamination or cause for concern.... Yeah... Just like Chernobyl wasn't a big concern...

Fenix 2 : Stuff Oh bull, Chinas already unfortunately kicking America's ass, they need to be pushed back everywhere and continue the pressure from all countries

Fenix 2 : The Verge Suspicious why China state media would be putting any information into a service that is banned from their country anyway? When did China start at Google services like YouTube

Fenix 2 : Stuff Oh for fucks sake, you can't change what something is just to make the PC brigade happy, Santa is and always will be an old white fat jolly guy with a red outfit and white beard! Just like Ronald McDonald will always be a scary looking clown with a white face and red hair!

Fenix 2 : Stuff So if they leave her with abusive parents they get blamed, take her away from abusive parents, they get blamed, pepper just want to keep blaming anyone but themselves

Fenix 2 : Stuff Rushed renovations done by novices hoping to make a quick buck and some free fame

Fenix 2 : Stuff All the space for text in a tweet and they can't be 'Stuffed' putting in the location of the tornado, creating clicks...

Fenix 2 : Gizmodo China... Causing havoc elsewhere before they invade Hong Kong and start killing citizens...

Fenix 2 : Gizmodo Forced out by there Chinese government, the world should be worried and start planning on how to defend against China

Fenix 2 : Gizmodo Fahrenheit? Oh... That's that retro temperature level that out of date old countries use because they refuse to move into the future of centigrade

Fenix 2 : TNW How about transparency with their accidental nuclear explosions that seem to happen rather frequently