Liath LaVerne Hawke might be back Jan 20th (@HawkeLiath )

Liath LaVerne Hawke might be back Jan 20th

Bio Rookie writer of Gothic fiction, Gothic Sci-Fi, Sci-fi, and sometimes fantasy. Im currently working on a novella and 4 other novels.
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Twitter Web App : Taking a break from Twitter guys. I'm just a little bit frustrated that I couldn't describe my idea better and that it's not for Twitter or any social media. Just an inventor wanting to build a new platform is all.

Twitter Web App : TORSTEN KROL I have a double-sided whiteboard with more info that I can't fit here lol. I've gotten a lot of suggestions on focusing on the writers from my fellow entrepreneurs. I do have a desire to include everyone with every talent but maybe this is a sign I need to focus on writers more.

Twitter Web App : TORSTEN KROL I'm only a week into the project so it's ayoung design. It could change while I'm building it. I also know I have a lot of ideas going on while also trying to serve my business & trying to serve the #WritingCommunity. It's y i'm posting about it so I can get some feedback.

Twitter Web App : TORSTEN KROL would be a great social media platform while also having a section to talk about some problems. I don't have machines or people to do in-house work right now so I can at least do mix and match while also having these communities get together based on talents.

Twitter Web App : TORSTEN KROL It won't be all follow trains, structure and theme wise, that's what i'll try to do but I know people want that social interaction and my startup business aims to solve problems. So I thought having a platform where everyone can show case talents/interests while talking...

Twitter Web App : TORSTEN KROL That's where it started this week. We do a lot of follow trains here and I know Twitter has some weird quirks and grey area rules that I don't like. I'm not a big fan of how social media has been handled in general so I decided to go rogue and build my own. (more comments srry)

Twitter Web App : DonCoryon I'm thinking along the lines of what the #WritingCommunity on #FF. A group of people to follow in a long thread is usually what this is, however I want to take this to its own platform away from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Android : Jane Cornwell 湮更k堯湮遲劾儭莞塔樹屢) 's Twitter Profile">Jane Cornwell 湮更k堯湮遲劾儭莞塔樹屢 Derek R King W. Rix Victory II Jeff Iverson Tara Neilson Doodles of a Nobody Elaine Brandon Steven S Williamson Content Catnip - Quirky Internet Wunderkammer Heather Murata Mysterious Eight Peg Geoff Swift Thanks Jane Cornwell 湮更k堯湮遲劾儭莞塔樹屢) 's Twitter Profile">Jane Cornwell 湮更k堯湮遲劾儭莞塔樹屢! I've got to many books to name lol but I did enjoy the first Hungwr games book. I never got to read the others.