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Android : A... lynching?

Trump thinks impeachment is a lynching?

Sir, you need a dictionary, a few history books, and a swift boot. What a horribly ignorant and hateful thing to say.

I apologize to the entire world for this man's behavior. I promise America is better than this.

Android : "Are you ok?"

Meghan Markle's honest and heartbreaking response to that question is a reminder to all of us to ask each other often.

Android : Too often Native Americans—like other communities of color—have been disenfranchised.

As president, I’ll fight to pass the Native American Voting Rights Act. A tribal ID should be sufficient to vote. Period.

Android : Billie Lourd celebrates her late mom Carrie Fishers birthday by singing her favorite song!

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Android : It is time for us to do our duty. Here, in black and white, are the steps we can take to rid us of this menace to our Republic. twitter.com/wordswithsteph…

Android : Donald J. Trump The President of the United States, whose racist views are very well known, just compared the constitutional impeachment inquiry into his wrongdoing to a lynching - the disgusting racist hangings of black people throughout American history.

There is no bottom. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

Android : It’s been leaked that BILLIONS is to be taken out of NSW Health. But it’s ok as the Ruperts NRL must have new stadiums! I constantly hit my old head against a wall asking myself, “why in a State such as NSW are we spending BILLIONS on stadiums while we can’t fill any now??” 😡😡