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iPhone : If being proud and unapologetic about my Jewish/queer/Mizrahi/Israeli identity and not letting people erase me and my communities is problematic, then yes.
Hen Mazzig is extremely problematic.

iPhone : This narrative is an antisemitic fantasy. Take an issue every decent human being should care about & act on, imply the Jews are somehow responsible for it & it’s Jewish inaction perpetuating it. It’s blood libel wrapped up in faux social conscience, which makes it even sicker.

iPhone : Daily reminder.... When Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews talk about antisemitism in the Arab world, the are very rarely being Islamophobic or anti-Arab. They are speaking from subjective communal and personal experience so center their voices and listen. And listen harder.

iPhone : Lauryn Ipsum Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg Lee Walzer JIMENA No argument at all, just discussion and it’s ok to disagree. I also didn’t speak about terms like “Iraqi Jews” “Tunisian Jew” etc... my point was the specific term “Arab Jew”. I know that it’s long but i think it’s worth the read to understand your point:

iPhone : I see that the debate about Mizrahi Jewish identity is sparked again with claims that we are “Arabs”. Let’s make some things clear (again):
1. Vast majority of Jews of the Middle East and North Africa live in Israel today & they reject the term “Arab Jews” & identify as Mizrahim

iPhone : I would say supporting genocidal racist bigoted antisemitic regimes that support terror against civilians, but you use whatever you can to divert attention from who really supports what you do, buddies. twitter.com/ifnotnoworg/st…

iPhone : I saw Hen Mazzig tweet about this yesterday, so I thought Id share this Italian newsreel footage of Operation Magic Carpet where Israel airlifted 50,000 Yemini Jews from danger & despair to their new home in the new state of Israel.

I did the translation, so please be kind. 📽️

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iPhone : “We don’t talk much about Iran. Even the Israeli Hebrew media coverage of it is not giving the people any response to worry about,” said Hen Mazzig, sipping a coffee on Ben-Yehuda street in Tel Aviv.”
I’m quoted in Seth Frantzman’s The Washington Times piece here: