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Android : Raab: Boris is a fighter

Normal person: *shrugs*

Person on Twitter: This implies that anyone who dies isnt a fighter. This is why we need to abolish public schools. The stiff-upper lip ethos it promotes encourages the framing of complex probs as individual failings (1/1079)

Android : My favourite coronavirus supply chain fact - there is a massive glut of potatoes because while the British love to eat them, they only do so in the form of chips.

Android : Coronavirus pandemic required global response. But WHO widely distrusted as in China’s pocket and UN riven with dissension and self-doubt. So countries have gone their own way. Amazingly, UN Security Council will discuss the pandemic for 1st time today.

Android : 9 Apr 1630: William Herbert 3rd Earl of #Pembroke dines with Catherine Countess of Bedford a day after his 50th birthday - they laugh at a fortune tellers prediction that he wouldnt see 51. 8am next morning he collapses & dies at Baynards Castle #London (NPG)

Android : 9 April 1241: The #Mongols defeat the Poles, #Moravians, and Germans at the Battle of Legnica, in #Silesia, now modern-day Poland. The battle was a crushing defeat for the #Europeans. #history #HistoryMatters #OTD #ad

Android : 9 April 1945: Dietrich #Bonhoeffer, German #pastor, spy, and anti-Nazi, is hanged, accused of being part of the Operation Valkyrie conspiracy to kill Hitler. He is executed with Admiral Wilhelm Canaris and others about a month before the end of #WWII. #ad

Android : I hate to say it. But I don't think a single thing will change. We are still taking their data at face value, purchasing their faulty medical equipment, giving their lies a free ride, and just carrying on as normal. If we can't take a stand now, we're never going to.…

Android : Jake Findlater I don't really believe Coronavirus in itself was a deliberately engineered bioweapon; but anyone who thinks that the Chinese government will not exploit it in every possible way to extend China's surge into global dominance is too naive for words. It's happening before our eyes.

Android : I’ve been appointed as the priest to administer sacraments to anyone in my deanery with COVID-19. I have been supplied the necessary protective gear.
Please pray for me and anyone to whom I may be called to minister.

Android : Singapore suffered just 6 deaths so far. But a 2nd wave of cases is under way — 142 in last 24 hours. Response? A new month-long lockdown, enforced by heavy fines and jail. No social gatherings of any size in private or public spaces.

Android : En ce Jeudi Saint, lAED souhaite une belle fête à tous les prêtres du monde entier.
légende photo: Mgr Villegas, archevêque de Lingayen Dagupan (Philippines), bénissant les Rameaux. Avril 2020

Android : La loi #Veil prévoyait en 1975 une dépénalisation pour 5 ans du recours à l’interruption volontaire de grossesse.
Réservée à des cas exceptionnels, l#IVG sest depuis banalisée.
En France plus de 200.000 avortements pratiqués chaque année.
9.000.000 de vies ont été interrompues.

Android : Pour suivre la semaine sainte dans un rit oriental depuis chez vous, c’est ici:

Les Eglises suivant l’ancien calendrier (julien) fêteront les Rameaux dimanche 12 avril.

#chretiensdOrient #Pâques

Android : A panda spends more than 12 hours a day eating. A person under lockdown typically eats even more than this. Hence the name “pandemic”