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iPhone : Here are some more adverts for spicy literature from the same publication. Some quite extraordinary titles! Heres hoping that Seduction by Chloroform is a story, rather than a guide...

Android : This game kept luring me in with promises of hamster balls and I havent gotten the announcer of my head since then >.< It definitely got my attention! What was the last game you played at an arcade?

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iPhone : Thank you for the incredible response on my Urakugo cosplay 💖

Both at the con this weekend and online, I’ve received so many compliments and it really warms my heart 💜

I feel motivated to make more cosplays and especially more epic mashups! 😊

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iPhone : Using plasti dip spray and forgetting my respirator for the 30,000th time

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Manyvids App : Sold my vid! female supremacy manyvids.com/Video/864067/f… #MVSales #ManyVids

iPhone : 🐉Lucoa 🐉
Side by side.
And it looks fabulous no matter what you ignorant racist losers have to say. 💁🏽‍♀️
Not sorry about it.

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Android : #thearcana #nadia #nadiacosplay #thearcanacosplay

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iPhone : Did you know?
According to an extensive academic survey conducted by Harvard University back in 2012, there was no survey conducted and I just wanted trick you into thinking this was a real fact when really, I just wanna tell you all to go watch anime.

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iPhone : Here is your video clip, as promised ♡

Let’s play again, if this gets 100 RTs, i’ll post 2 lewd selfies for you!

Full video is approx 5:00 long & exclusive to Patreon~


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Twitter Web App : わあ、凄い!

Android : Ara ara 💞 Energy vs Twintail 💞 Energy, whats your type? 🤭

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iPhone : Why is it that kinda creepy dudes almost universally seem to prefer the word “females” over saying “women?” Are they trying to sound academic or something? It’s like they’re talking about an animal species. “Let me describe my observations of THE FEMALES”

Twitter Web App : ClutchGaming惜しかったなぁ・・・普段陽気なHuniが涙してるの見るとジーンと来ますね😪