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Android : Study finds 88% of Conservative ads and zero Labour ads are dishonest and untruthful.
BBC: they’re all as bad as each other…

Android : Praise where praise is due - this is a very effective reply to Boris Johnson’s extensive backlist of racism, homophobia and snobbery…

Android : Young people across the world have a chance to change what the future can be. Todays the chance for all the British people to influence what your future & those living here holds. #FuckBoris #GoVote

Android : This man is running to be your Prime Minister.

You can stop him.

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Android : BREAKING: A private memo sent on the weekend from Michael Brooks, who heads Sir Lynton Crosby’s polling company CTF Partners, to Tory #GE19 campaign manager Isaac Levido says the chances of a Corbyn-led coalition had been seriously underestimated.…

Android : Beautiful & strong by Emeli Sande: “Are you tired of working for the minimum? / Has your heart adjusted to the dark? / Well does it make you sick they kill the innocent? / Oh my friend, you are not alone.” Big day ahead tomorrow. Best get some sleep. 😴

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Android : Man on radio saying he's never voted.

He's 37.

"Why have you never voted?"

"I've never received anything from the state so never felt the need to"

Apart from a free education
Apart from a free NHS


Android : For your neighbourhood. For your kids. For your grandparents. For your colleagues. For your teachers. For your doctor. For your country. For yourself.


Android : One referendum.

Two Withdraws Deals.

Three Prime Ministers.

Nine years in power.

Britain in a mess.

Are we going to give Boris

Another five years?

The figurer don't add up

Its time for a change.