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iPhone : Will the #left ever wake up & see the mainstream media #CNN, #MSNBC, #WAPO, #NYTimes, #Twitter, & #Facebook are not only #biased towards all things liberal, but that the #Dems are actually #feedingthecommentary word for word daily?! They all use the exact same adjectives & words!

iPhone : This to will fail for the Demonrats as this is there last ditch effort. Indictments will start coming down and taking away the Traitors of this country, the henchmen for Obama!!

iPhone : To the three #Republicans that didn't vote against the #ShamImpeachment, the #CoupAttempt, we will be voting you out of office. #TRUMP2020Landsidevictory…

iPhone : Twitter #Jack it's really rich that only when Donald J. Trump has more campaign funds than ALL Dems combined that you suddenly have a need to halt political ads. We see what you're doing. Yeah, it's time for Twitter to be made a publishing company & have to abide by fair rules.