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iPhone : With Warren now leading in the average of all polls, we’re on our way to a different race.

The Bernie-Biden horse race was never a thing. The real race to the finish is gonna look a lot different.…

iPhone : While SCOTUS is now a partisan instrument, I still can’t see them taking up this matter and ruling in Trump’s favor.

It lacks the merit to be worth taking on as a precedent-setting ruling in the final year of a term IMHO.

We’ll see.…

iPhone : Among the likely damage to Trump from Yovanovitch’s testimony:

Detailing who else both within and outside the State Department was in on the conspiracy to shake down Ukraine for campaign help.

Gonna be an interesting day.…

iPhone : 15 years ago was 2004.

Kamala Harris was officiating at same-sex marriages by then.

Bathhouse culture peaked before the AIDS crisis back when Reagan was in office in the ‘80s.

So much of Biden’s rhetoric as a candidate sounds so “Back in my day...”

Quaint but not inspiring.

iPhone : It is hard to not notice that Biden frequently compresses decades of history into an imaginary “15 years ago” when “things were different.”

It doesn’t seem to be just a rhetorical play on nostalgia. It seems like a lost grasp of the detailed events of the past 30 years.


iPhone : No joke, Trump told reporters yesterday that we have no soldiers in Syria because we already defeated everyone so we’re pulling our soldiers out (who aren’t there) because otherwise we’d need to defeat everyone again.

The man’s brain is pudding. Rancid banana pudding.

iPhone : The president told reporters yesterday that “we have no soldiers in Syria.” This is probably news to the 1,000 soldiers in Syria.…

iPhone : A man asked Liz Warren “What would you say to someone who said ‘I believe a marriage is between one man and one woman.’?

Warren: “I’d tell them to just marry one woman... if they can find one.”