🌱 Drea is voting for BTS 🌱 (@Hobiiiwobii )

🌱 Drea is voting for BTS 🌱

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Android : If u put a f-ing ship, over the well being of your faves, and their wishes, you are simply trash and don't belong into this fandom. Periodt.
If my words hurt u, well then go and get your head checked or leave the internet and find a way back to sanity and the real world. pic.twitter.com/7JVLOxy4Ja

Android : #Yoonmin AU where Jimin is a demon, who is way too soft and gentle for his own kind. But he still is a demon after all and that shows in many different occasions, much to Yoongis, his roommates, dismay.
#btsfanart #jimin

Android : Tae: PLS stop this, it ain't real, y'all need to get your heads straight.


Bruh when I say y'all are a different kind of breed, I mean it.

At this point it's kinda concerning, seek help, pls do yourself the favor and get a f-ing life.... twitter.com/BOOTAEKOOK/sta…

Android : Sometimes I wonder why excessive shippers act how they act. Like a normal human being wouldn't spend EVERY spare second, to analyze every step someone does and try to squeeze it into their delulu fantasies...what y'all do for a living? Do u spend time with friends or family?