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Sprout Social : Friedrich-Paul von Groszheim was arrested twice in the late 1930s under the Nazi-revised criminal code's paragraph 175, which outlawed homosexuality. He was forced to submit to castration surgery to secure his release in 1939. #PrideMonth #LGBTHistory…

Twitter Web Client : Pierre finally came forward and started speaking publicly in the 1980s, then became an activist. He penned a memoir in 1994. The book is dedicated to Jo. He wrote, “after decades of silence I have made up my mind to speak, to accuse, to bear witness.” 5/5 #PrideMonth #LGBTHistory

Twitter Web Client : For the rest of Pierre’s life, he carried physical and emotional wounds that never healed. After he returned home, the only person in his family who was willing to hear about his time in the camp was his mother. 3/5

Twitter Web Client : His six-month imprisonment in the Schirmeck-Vorbrüch camp was one of hunger, hard labor, and brutal beatings. On one occasion, he was forced to watch as the SS used their dogs to kill Jo, his teenage sweetheart. 2/5

Twitter Web Client : Pierre Seel’s mother made this small memento out of a toy and her wedding veil while her son was imprisoned. In 1941, Pierre was arrested, tortured, and sent to a concentration camp in Alsace, France, for being a gay man. 1/5

Sprout Social : Refugees faced enormous obstacles in finding safe havens during WWII. In mid-1938, 140,000 people, most of whom were Jews, had applied for US visas. Within a year, that number had nearly doubled, creating an 11-year waiting list. #WorldRefugeeDay…

Twitter Media Studio : On #FlagDay, learn about a very special #AmericanFlag in our collection.

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Sprout Social : Children aboard the MS #StLouis celebrate after Belgium, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands agree to admit passengers who had been turned away in Cuba. No one could have guessed that the Nazis would later invade three of these countries, taking the lives of 254 passengers.

Sprout Social : Joachim Hirsch turned two the day the MS #StLouis sailed from Germany, carrying with it the hopes of about 900 mostly Jewish passengers, fleeing the Nazis. When the ship returned to Europe, Joachim went to the Netherlands and was later deported to Auschwitz where he was murdered.

Sprout Social : Anne Frank's story is the most well known of the millions of children who died during the Holocaust, but there are other diaries by young writers who wanted to share their experiences and reflect on the trauma they endured during the Holocaust. Read more:…

Sprout Social : “I wish to go on living even after my death.”—#AnneFrank
Anne lives on through her writing. Today, on what would have been her 90th birthday, #WeRemember her. #Anne90