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Android : When we say #BernieIsOurFDR, this is what we mean.

And you aren't gonna stop Trump Hoover with mushy, moderate Al Biden Smith, either, that's for sure. #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump twitter.com/HootHootBerns/…

Android : Tenants of 386 & 380 East 139th Street, of the South Bronx Tenants Movement, stood together (but not too close together) outside of their buildings today to demand that their landlords improve conditions and Andrew Cuomo #cancelrent during this crisis!

Twitter Web App : “The challenge we confront today as a nation and as a world is in many ways not different from the one we faced a little less than a century ago during and after the Great Depression of the 1930s.” #BernieIsElectable #BernieIsOurFDR

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Twitter Web App : “While the rich get richer, they live longer lives. While poor and working families struggle economically and often lack adequate healthcare, their life expectancy is declining for the first time in modern American history.” #BernieIsElectable #Bernie2020

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Twitter Web App : “About half of our country lives paycheck to paycheck as tens of millions of our people are an accident, a divorce, a sickness, or a layoff away from economic devastation.” #BernieIsElectable #NotMeUs

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Twitter Web App : If you haven’t seen nor shared Bernie’s FDR speech with your older friends and family yet, you really should.

And if you have before, you really should again. It’s only become more prophetic than ever. #BernieIsElectable

MORE ğŸŽ¥: youtube.com/watch?v=ndD23M…

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Android : He can't answer the question about how this family is supposed to pay their $2000 premium because the answer is "Medicare for All," and Biden doesn't support it.


Android : Excellent point! -> "If education is to be seen as a basic right in this country, then everyone needs access to the internet."

Read Bernie's plan for #InternetForAll. 👇 twitter.com/AaronStigile/s…

Android : If you'd like to be part of a coalition that doesn't regularly refer to the most working class people in this country as "toxic," Bernie would be happy to have you with us in this fight for Medicare for All, a wealth tax, and free childcare -- none of which Biden supports. twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/…

Android : Wait.

Scientists demonstrated a coronavirus like we're seeing right now could spring from bats to humans back in 2015...and we did nothing to prepare for it, AFAIK?

I get hindsight is 2020 and there are untold possibilities like this, but...TF? pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26552008/

Android : To #Whoopi & every insuffrable centrist asswipe that needs to hear this:

The nominee will get +4 MONTHS to campaign against Trump

If 4 months arent enough for Joe, NO AMOUNT OF TIME WAS GOING TO BE ENOUGH. He was never going to win

STFU & let the other half of the country vote twitter.com/ThiaBallerina/…