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iPhone : Won the Muthead RTTC and FNF all in the same weekend!! Super excited and ready for the madden classic next week. Shoutout Muthead for these tournaments

iPhone : The NFL REALLY needs Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold to become legit stars in the AFC.

That conference could be losing a lot of star power over the next few years with Brady, Roethlisberger, Rivers all leaving soon.

iPhone : Felipe Franks said this.... then proceeded to throw a pick the next drive

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iPhone : I don’t understand people who think that when somebody cheats the person they cheated with is supposed to get off scotch free and just the cheater should get the wrath. Fuck all that. You knowingly fucking with somebody in a relationship then you just as fucked up.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Hello, talented media personality KT here, same source tells me Zeke is booked to return from Cabo tomorrow.

Another source tells Jonathon Shipman the Cowboys and Zeke were in contact late last night, and that a deal could come together over the weekend.

105.3 The FAN…

Twitter Web App : What KT forgot to mention is that this is brought to you by the app and…

Twitter Web App : Dalton Miller Whew, i cant see them losing byron and brown unless someone like Jackson really has a breakout year early. Thats tough, only good thing is Dallas has been easily one of the best drafting teams outside of the taco pick, so hopefully they can keep talent coming in.

Twitter Web App : i would almost say the same about Lael as well. I would say malik gets one done before either of those two since he will demand substantially less. Someone is guna pay Lael alot of money just off the fact he was a dallas cowboy olinemen…

Twitter Web App : Most GWD thru 3 seasons, NFL history
Dak Prescott - 15
R.Wilson - 15
M.Ryan - 13
A.Luck - 12
Derek Carr - 12
Marino - 11
Peyton - 11
Plummer - 11
Roethlisberger - 11
Sanchez - 11

It's usually going to work out.…