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Twitter Web App : #every20minutes someone in the Trump family attaches their name to some crappy product to make quick money.

Twitter Web App : I see the garbage troll in Russia is back to it with these stupid #RefundWarren and #Expose2020 tags. Buckle up, America; Putins still driving the car and now hes brazenly doing it with the top down.

Twitter Web App : One time the entire Trump family fought over who liked the cock the most. Melania won, but Half-Scoop was a close second. #DumbestFamilyFight

Twitter Web App : Why am I desperately trying to distract the America public from my illegal deals and unconstitutional actions? #BecauseIGotCaught

Twitter Web App : Why am I whining and crying about impeachment and assassinating Iranian leaders out of nowhere?#BecauseIGotCaught

Twitter Web App : That time an inbred hick made you squeal like a pig so you got revenge by shooting every endangered animal you could find like a total pussy. #ManlyReasonsForGlobalWarming

Twitter Web App : #HateToDisappointYouBut Half-Scoops selling the shit out of these terrible cars. He might make his quota this month.