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Bio Im interested in the relationship between technology and society, the 4th Industrial Revolution, #4IR, #AI and how we build tech for people. Tweets are my own.
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iPhone : Strongly recommended watching. It's made me think hard about what businesses are *really* talking about when they complain about a lack of 'soft skills' when recruiting. Is it just bias? Are they just looking for people who are like them? The in-group?…

iPhone : TuringTumble I love this, where is it available? It looks like such a great way to introduce kids to computational thinking. I have loads of kids, I'd love to introduce this to them.

iPhone : David Dent David it already is being used in agriculture, to tremendous effect, from understanding more about patterns of cows in estrus, predictions on seed planting patterns, enabling better and more efficient watering, better predictions for harvesting, the list goes on

iPhone : I know Twitter provides a deeply biased bubble of perspectives. But it's interesting to see what looks like a strong correlation between those most fearful of ai and those most supportive of Brexit. We have to do a better job of communicating the benefits of ai #aiforall

iPhone : David Dent Which is why it's so important to democratize ai. If we can reduce the barriers to accessing it, then the smallest companies, charities and NGOs can use it as easily and cost-effectively as the largest corporations.