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Android : PattiKat23 I'm so sorry to hear this! πŸ˜žπŸ’”
I've lost so many friends to the "war on drugs," its beyond criminal. It's also amazing to me that the courts are only going after the Sacklers Purdue pharma money &not also locking them up for being the driving catalyst in our opiate downfall.πŸ˜€πŸ’”

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Android : Donald J. Trump Good! Forget the waste of time impeachment bc the Senate Nazis will never remove regardless! Its BEYOND TIME for you & all your regime to be behind bars until all investigations are over. You all are the biggest safety threats alive!

Android : Obama says presidents shouldn't watch TV or read social media: "those are two things I would advise if you're president not to do, because it creates a lot of noise and clouds your judgment."…

Android : I swear, if I see one more resister saying we "can't" afford #UniversalHealthCoverage bc of taxes...I'm going to cry! Come on, #resisters! Take a couple hours (yikes!) to study the facts. Look up other countries costs vs ours. Look up the studies done. #educateyourself! PLEASE!

Android : #FBRParty #Resistance #resist

Can some of you resisters help me out? Lost my last account because Tomi Lauren can’t handle the truth and it resulted in a perm ban costing me thousands of followers. Will you help me rebuild?

Love, Peace, and Impeachment Committees!

Android : person behind the counter tells you this info BEFORE she takes it. It's been made clear to you, it NEEDS to be overnighted. What would you do? Please elaborate after choosing too. I need to see how others see this bc I am NOT happy &don't want to "jump" without analyzing. TIA!