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iPhone : Lewandowski: "The Obama / Biden admin had the authority and responsibility to secure the 2016 election against Russian interference and they clearly failed."

So backup... he's literally saying Trump was assisted to the presidency by the Russians.

iPhone : Our New Article "Trump's Twitter Bots" is now published. Please take the time to read and retweet. What is happening in his account should not be allowed to happen 3 years after the attack against us on Social Media. It has only gotten worse.…

iPhone : LEWANDOWSKI CAN'T BE THROWN IN JAIL FOR CONTEMPT! It requires the DOJ to do their job and Barr is running that shit show. So don't blame Pelosi. Don't blame Dems.

Don't even blame Reps!

BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT VOTE. They got us here. Now kindly #VOTE people!

Thank you.

iPhone : ‘Ranting toddler’ Doug Collins gets clobbered online after he turns Lewandowski hearing into a ‘clown show’…

iPhone : Dear Humans,

Thou shalt not vote for Sean Spicer on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ for he is an abomination unto the LORD.

Can I get an amen?

iPhone : Well, tie-dye my taint & feed me tater tots. Look at Jim Jordan huff & puff, all hyped up like he got a good whiff of teenage ball sweat. Meanwhile, Lewandowski shakes like a feral fascist ferret that barely escaped the infernal depths of Lindsey Graham's carnivorous love tunnel.