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iPhone : When I was stranded downtown last night @ midnight there was a really hot dude who came up to me and tried to make a move and I chatted him up for a sec but he low key might have been homeless (it was 50/50) and I really regret not giving him my digits homeless or not :/

iPhone : SELF PROMO ALERT ! I do digital art for as cheap as $5 ! I can do different styles apart from my usual “no-pupils and tears.” Just dm me if you’re interested 💕

iPhone : What if we kissed😘😳in the garden of Gethsemane😫🌳while I betray you for some silver 🤑😵Haha jk, unless ...🤔🙇🏻‍♀️

iPhone : I’m peacing out and deleting Twitter for idk how long. This app is one of the only things that consistently makes me laugh but I need to get my shit together, so bye for now. See y’all in a while

iPhone : andrew You also need to re-register whenever you move to a different district and if you can’t do it online (like I couldn’t) you’re more likely to forget or miss the mailing deadline 😡

iPhone : Registration deadlines are bullshit boomers made up to stop young people from voting. It should be automatic the minute you turn 18 period. How is it 2019 and we have to sign up for our own rights??…

iPhone : Young people ages 18-29 are statistically the least likely to vote. Don’t be a statistic and leave the future of your city up to the boomers

iPhone : ‼️To everyone on Twitter who is a voter: if your city has a municipal election GO OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW. Your local elections for mayor, city commissioner etc. are just as important as the national elections, especially if you want to see more day-to-day changes ‼️

iPhone : Fiji Water marketing themselves as a green company vs single use plastic bottles shipped from across the globe in a country where 12% of the population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water…

iPhone : STOP saying there’s no such thing as Thanksgiving music. Both Adele and Hozier exist and y’all already jumping to Christmas music? Weak