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Hootsuite Inc. : Least Tern (Sternula antillarum) Population Response to Water Levels on Cheyenne River and Oahe Reservoir, South Dakota, USA | #ornithology #seabirds | Waterbird Society

Hootsuite Inc. : Sage grouse genetic connectivity is similar to airline hubs, which gives hope for sustaining the iconic species | #ornithology | SageGrouseInitiative

Buffer : Splitting and lumping: Comprehensive phylogeny of the Laughingthrushes and allies (Aves, Leiothrichidae) and a proposal for a revised taxonomy abst. Zoologica Scripta #ornithology

Hootsuite Inc. : Complex behaviour in complex terrain - Modelling bird migration in a high resolution wind field across mountainous terrain to simulate observed patterns | #ornithology | J Theoretical Biology

Hootsuite Inc. : Georeferenced sighting and specimen occurrence data of the extinct Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) from 1564 - 1944 | #ornithology | Kevin R Burgio PhD Biodiversity Data J

Hootsuite Inc. : NEW BLOG: With results of the UK twite survey from 2013 out now, Nick Wilkinson discusses the 21% UK decline and the conservation effort that is going in to saving them: #RSPBScience #ornithology SNH_Science T&F Bioscience

Buffer : Urban core areas are important for species conservation: A European-level analysis of breeding bird species abst. Landscape and Urban Planning #ornithology

Hootsuite Inc. : Eavesdropping on the Arctic: Automated #bioacoustics reveal dynamics in songbird breeding phenology | #ornithology | Science Magazine

Hootsuite Inc. : New PhD thesis abstract added to #BRANTA
Carlos Camacho Olmedo | Fine-scale population differentiation: ecological and evolutionary mechanisms involved | #ornithology

Buffer : Birds don’t usually sleep in nests except to incubate eggs or brood young. #GreenWingedTeal #ornithology

Buffer : Incubation attentiveness and nest insulatory values correlate in songbirds… #ornithology

Hootsuite Inc. : Whatever your #ornithology interest, we want to hear about it! #BOU18TC submissions close 30 June

Our keynote line-up topics cover bird origins, cognitive behaviour, urban ecology, avian diseases, the role of museums, thermal imaging and #scicomm!

Buffer : 598 of #365papers Janssen et al. Molecular population genetics of the melanic plumage polymorphism in Arctic skuas (Stercorarius parasiticus): evidence for divergent selection on plumage colour… #ornithology #seabirdersaturday

Hootsuite Inc. : Can common forest bird species tolerate disturbances in neighbouring areas? A case study of the Vuosaari Harbour construction in southern Finland | #ornithology | Ornis Fennica