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TweetDeck : Jeremy Corbyn says hes the leader of the Opposition and should be the one to lead a unity government

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Twitter Web App : Dominic Grieve lambasted the PM’s ‘tub-thumping populism’ which he said had led ‘straightforwardly’ to the death threats he has received…

Twitter Web App : Politicians, business leaders and journalists have a gigantic responsibility to make the right decisions

Carrie Symonds makes her first public speech since her partner Boris Johnson became prime minister…

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Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson's partner gave her first speech, since moving into Downing Street, at 'birdwatching’s Glastonbury'…

Twitter Web App : Former Labour MP Mike Gapes says he would never back a plan to put Jeremy Corbyn in No 10. Still believes Labour leader is 'not fit to be Prime Minister' ITV News

Twitter Web App : Jeremy Corbyn wants to take over as a caretaker PM to block a no-deal Brexit and call an election.

The Lib Dems have rejected this and want Corbyn to step aside.

Senior Labour figures have said Jo Swinson is being very childish:

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Twitter Web App : I think Jo Swinson has got it wrong on this

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says the Lib Dem leader should be prepared to explore all options for stopping no deal…

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Twitter Web App : Its not about trying to be obstructive, its about recognising the reality of the situation

Lib Dems newest MP Sarah Wollaston explains why Jo Swinson has rejected Jeremy Corbyns plan to stop no deal…

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Twitter Media Studio : If it was seeking a Peoples Vote we would support a Corbyn led government

Green Party co-leader Siân Berry tells ITV News its really good to see Labour taking the initiative but says a general election is not the answer…

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Twitter Web App : .Guto Bebb tells ITV News he doesn't explicitly back Jeremy Corbyn as a caretaker Prime Minister but does welcome the Labour leader opening up talks to other parties to stop no deal. He's not convinced Corbyn has the numbers to put him into No.10

Twitter Web App : When the school terms ends, so do the free school meals, but nothing else changes and over a million children still need feeding, writes ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt…

Twitter Web App : Were entirely serious about talking to him

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve says he and Tory colleagues are perfectly prepared to speak to Jeremy Corbyn in order to stop no deal…

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Twitter Web App : The Labour leader is seeking support to oust Boris Johnson but key MPs, including Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, have already dismissed his request…

Twitter Web App : NEW: This is the scene at The Home Office where a man has been stabbed. He’s been taken to hospital with what police are calling ‘life threatening injuries’. One man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and taken to a police station.

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Twitter Web App : When the Independent Group for Change formed it had the ambition to 'forge a new, different kind of politics for Britain’s future', but now over half its MPs have quit the party.

Here's where they all are now…

Twitter Web App : Angela Rayner Jo Swinson) 's Twitter Profile">Jo Swinson This is what Jo Swinson) 's Twitter Profile">Jo Swinson said about a govt of national unity led by Jeremy Corbyn: surely even he can see that he cannot lead it. This is not about personality...we need a leader who is respected on both sides of the House. She has suggested Harriet Harman or Ken Clarke.

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