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iPhone : Connie Schultz This is a telltale sign Biden needs to be defeated. He supports a civility that is brutally uncivil to people of color. The Democratic party has moved beyond the idea of placating racism as a means of gaining power. Biden is showing his age the more he opens his mouth.

iPhone : I add this: My first thoughts, after learning of Biden's comments, were of my black friends, neighbors and colleagues: How would they hear this? What do they deserve to hear from us? Soon enough, they were letting me know.

We're either allies, or we're not.

iPhone : There is no punchline here, no emoji or funny meme to soften the harm of your words. That segregationist never called you “boy” because you are white. If you want to boast about your relationship with a racist, you are not who we need to succeed the racist in the White House.…

iPhone : me creating new accounts to leave positive comments on my ep tomorrow night

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iPhone : everyone is telling me to post this so Incase you missed my snap story 😭😭😭

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